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  • Bitch Republic

    If I had that much money, I’d do the same. It’s not like she can go down to the local Crunch gym and work out. She’d be mobbed by all the gym queens.

  • Matt

    It’s not like she can’t install a perfectly reasonable gym facility in one of her current homes that doesn’t cost $12M. Sure, it’s her money and she can do as she pleases; but I’m also free to point out that it’s an unnecessary, obscene, selfish, piggy wallow — I really don’t want to hear from her anymore about spirituality or humanitarianism.

  • IDNY

    ‘We will Never be like Madonna’ … is that really a bad thing?

    Its gluttony and excess in its purest form and really rather disgusting to think about where all that money could go instead. But she can do what she pleases with her money. Her choice is the real pity. Welcome to America in 2008!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Madonna is so 80s which sucked because of her. British music was so much more interesting when America was churning out vomit.

  • Johan

    Isn’t it better for her to be indulgent and put her money into the economy than sit on it because jealous peons might take offense?

    Employ a realtor, employ a construction crew, buy equipment. Oh, no. She better not do that cause I can’t.


    Go her.

  • Chris Brown

    My God, who cares? She earned the money and she can spend it as she pleases! Also, she does give millions of dollars a year to charitable causes. However, it really is not her responsibility to take care of society’s needs–she is a (sem-retired) pop star, not Mother Theresa.

    The better question to ask would be the following: Why do we live in the richest country in the world and choose to flush away billions and billions of dollars waging an unnecessary war and subsidizing environment-destroying Big Oil instead of channeling all our vast resources to making people’s lives better in this country and all over the world? Madonna’s $12 million dollar gym amounts to very small potatoes compared to the sums of money the U.S. government wastes each month on war and corporate welfare.

    Don’t waste your energy or time on Madonna, focus on the real issues!

  • Bitch Republic

    Don’t waste energy, exactly. If y’all are so concerned, buy biodiesel (or ride public transportation), replace your lightbulbs with fluorescent bulbs, buy wind and solar energy from your electric company (many of which sell blocks of “green” electricity), and offset your carbon emissions by donating to

    If you’re not willing to do these things, you’re as much or more of a problem than Madonna is.

  • yalesing

    she can spend her money on all things she like,no one cares,in my mind,the public put too much attention on other’s privacy .just as that i and my gay partner meet on are always live with rumor

  • MarcosD

    Hmmm. Lisa et al.

    1. It is HER money. What is the difference what she bought it for? Had she bought to expand her existing home and nothing else would it have been obscene? She is a celebrity always chased and wants to be home as much as possible and be at peace with her family that alone is worth 12 million.
    2. Bill Gates has multimillion dollar homes does that erase all the good he does with his money?
    3. I hope that I will also make 70 million dollars in one year when my career is “over”.

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