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We’d Appreciate Rush Limbaugh’s Gay Jokes If They Were Actually Funny

Oh Rush Limbaugh, how you make us laugh! Responding to Rep. Barney Frank’s smackdown today against the “Nazi” lady, the radio host makes a funny about Frank living on Uranus. Because he’s a gay! And the planet sounds like a rectal cavity? Get it?

So does the third grade.

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  • ADS

    Rush LimBLAH needs to get laryngitis (sp?) permanently.

  • anonymous

    Is it really necessary to report anything this idiot says? People, if ever there were a poster boy to showcase the ignorance of americans this man is it.

    What gets me is how no one in the media ever reports how uncomfortable he (Rush) looks when he does on camera interviews. It’s like he is in total fear the interviewer is going to bring up the drug charges he never faced and the hypocrisy of his tirades against drug users and pushers. I mean really.

    He preaches the ills of America but never mentions the $400 million dollar contract he has signed to spew his venom. This is capitalism at its worst. Is there really a difference between he and Sharpton?

    Well, yes. Rush is paid by the media to spew venom and Sharpton is reduced to the equivalent of an ambulance chaser for the media. That’s about it because both are intellectually starved.

    Any doubters? Check out the book “Rush Limbaugh is a big fat Idiot” by Al Franken.

    I could do without this fool, as I am sure many of you feel the same way.

  • Cam

    Anybody hear the joke about the thrice divorced obease man who lost his hearing because of his drug addiction?

  • Bill S

    @Cam: Now THAT’S funny.

  • dgz

    maybe after he gets type II diabetes from fat, lung cancer from cigars, and brain damage from oxy, he’ll reevaluate his views.

    and his stance on health care. karma’s a big, angry bitch, rush.

  • schlukitz

    Hmm…looking at his picture makes me wonder…

    Is this one of those times when a cigar is just a cigar…or not?

  • Bill S

    @dgz: HWait, he DOESN’T have brain damage already?

  • jason

    What a sad man Rush Limbaugh has turned into. Flatulence is only supposed to come out of the rear end, not the mouth.

  • mark


    You don’t bring flimsy plastic picnicware to a knife fight with Barney holding a bayonet.

    I’m certain in a few days you’ll find that out. Keep a First Aid box handy. Barney will rip off your head, and when he has a big enough audience, he will take a dump down your throat.

  • hephaestion

    Will someone please toss a bucket of water on Limbaugh and let him melt away? Surely NO ONE on earth actually laughed at that absurd little anti-gay joke.

  • nikko

    LOL! Of course that was funny…he’s still a douchebag, of course.

  • spindoc

    @schlukitz: LOL!!!!!!!

  • Tintin Malfoy

    @jason: LMAO

  • robert

    This is the face of the GOP. Its quite revealing isn’t it that not one key republican takes any of these idiots to task. Silence certainly does give consent. However, the fact that the party is silent is only alieanting it even further into exile, turning off younger voters while these clowns continue their circus act. They are nothing more than buffoons and low-lives. I wonder why we never hear of Limbaugh having a girlfriend, or is he married? I pity any woman falling for this piece of detritus. Maybe he’s a self-loathing closet case, I sure hope he isn’t.

  • Helga von ornstein

    That cigar in his mouth and the fact he does frequent the Dominican Republic makes me wonder what else he gets injected with down there besides drugs.

    What an asshole.

  • august west

    Maybe Billy should give me a job researching because I had no problem finding the sound bites of what was talked about here. Then again you only find them if you look for them.

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