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Welcome To Tulane, Where Your Professor Outs You As Trans

“I hadn’t gotten my name change yet, so beforehand I e-mailed [the professor],” says transgender Tulane University student Max Wallace of his first day of a new semester. “He e-mailed me back confirming that it was not a problem, and then in class called out my birth name. Finally, he called out my chosen name and looked at me and said, ‘Oh, you wanted to go by Max, right.'” Not to mention, Tulane doesn’t have gender identity included in its equal opportunity and anti-discrimination policies, which means students must have a legal document to register a name change — or rely on the kindness of faculty, administrators, teachers’ aides, office staff, food court workers swiping your ID, security guards, and pretty much every person on campus with a modicum of access to your identity to respect your privacy. [Tulane Hullabaloo]