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Well Of Course the Media Is Sympathetic to Gay Soldiers When They Save Reporters From Car Bombs in Iraq

CBS’s program Sunday Morning isn’t just a place for Mo Rocca to knit. It’s also a place for reporter Kimberly Dozier to report on the latest in the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell saga. But of course Dozier is TOTALLY BIASED, because back in 2006, while reporting in Baghdad as CBS News’ chief Iraq correspondent, she and two crew members were injured in a car bomb attack, and lesbian soldier Sgt. Lacye Presley was among those who saved her.

Lacye Presley, a medic, received a bronze star for her heroic acts. She was also discharged under DADT when an anonymous enemy sent her superiors photos of her kissing his partner.

It’s like, of course Dozier wants the gays to be able to serve in the military. But what about America’s‘s safety, lady? Think of the children.

(Last week, Dozier joined the Associated Press.)