We’re Now Inches Away From Marriage Equality in Delaware

349px-Seal_of_Delaware.svgGet your tuxedos and gowns cleaned and pressed, Delawareans: a bipartisan House committee just passed a marriage bill, sending it to a full House vote as early as next week.

House Minority Whip Deboarah Hudson, a Republican, expressed opposition to the bill, but voted in favor so that it could have a full debate.

The state has had civil unions since last year, but of course that’s not the same as marriage. When (not if) the Defense of Marriage Act goes away, the federal government will finally be able to recognize married gay and lesbian couples. Whether it will recognize civil unions remains unknown.

Neighbors Maryland and Washington D.C. already offer marriage. And over to the east, New Jersey may not be far behind, whether by legislation, ballot measure, or lawsuit. At this rate, soon you’ll be able to bike from Bangor to the nation’s capital and stay married the entire time.

So what’s next? A House vote, possibly as soon as Tuesday. Connect with Equality Delaware on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date.

Governor Jack Markell has promised to sign the bill if it reaches his desk. By this time next week, it could very well be on its way.