peter labarbera

We’re Pretty Sure Homosexuality Is Not Some Big Secret Nobody Talks About


At a Maine “rally” attended by a sprinkling of reporters and, perhaps, a custodian accidentally walking by, Peter LaBarbera’s Americans for Truth Against Homosexuality jokesters revealed that not only can they not find even a dozen people to show up to support their cause (blogger Pam Spaulding counted nine “Yes On 1” supporters; 15 “No” supporters; 10 reporters; 1 security guard), but they don’t even understand the current climate around same-sex marriage. LaBarbera, in a quote that could easily be taken out of context, says “the elephant in the room is homosexuality … mainstreaming homosexuality.” Hmmm. Like, really? ‘Cause we’re pretty sure this whole “loving people of the same sex” thing is playing in HD on a 60″ flat panel with Dolby surround sound for the entire state to see. And if that weren’t the case, then a group that calls itself Americans for Truth Against Homosexuality isn’t doing such a great job spreading the truth, now are they?

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