W&G The Dog: ‘Which Lever Do I Pull to Be Crushed By a Safe?’

We all have our favorite Will & Grace moments. And thanks to syndication, we can relive them more than twelve times a day. Herewith, some of our favorites.

[flv:http://queerty.com/media/wagthedog.leverpull_NEW.flv http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2008/01/wagthedogleverpull_new.JPG 480 360]

From the episode “Homojo,” where Will and Grace try to revitalize their friendship with a night of board games. Karen can’t help but sound interested.

After the jump, another great scene (with Karen and Jack!) from the same episode.

[flv:http://queerty.com/media/wagthedog.chryslernipples_NEW.flv http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2008/01/wagthedogchryslernipples_new.JPG 480 360]

How can you not love the mental picture of Karen stringing Jack to the Chrysler Building by his nipples?

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  • hells kitchen guy

    I never thought there was one moment in that show that rang true.

  • hisurfer

    I’m with HKG (and that’s a rare occurrence!) – this show irked me more. Sometimes the two sidekicks made me laugh, but Will&Grace always seemed to me a one-joke show full of false “moments”.

  • Ken

    Hmm. I actually found it to be consistently smart and funny and reflective of many gay guy/straight girl relationships.

    I still laugh out loud during the reruns.

  • tony g

    Never rang true, but I laughed a lot.

  • Ash

    I haven’t watched reruns of this in years because it got old. I never liked Will or Grace, they’re both annoying and selfish, but it’s not endearing the way Jack and Karen are. Neither of these clips were that funny, I think you could have picked something a lot better. My favorite Karen line is “You say potato, I say vodka.”

  • todd

    The only characters on this show I could stand were Beverly Leslie and Rosario. Sometimes Karen and Jack cracked me up, though.

  • andrew

    I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan myself. I get my queer sitcom action from ‘Kate & Allie’.

  • RC

    Poor Queerties. You carelessly violated the Hipper Than Thou Homo First Commandment: “Only swoon mindlessly over those on ‘The Approved List’:

    Sandra Heartburn, er, Bernhard
    Mardonna, er, Madonna
    Sarah Silverfish, er, Silverman
    Margaret Ho, er, Cho
    Rufus Worthless, er, Wainwright
    Flicka, er, Mika
    Any production of “Retarded, er Sordid Lives”
    Carson Crusty, er, Kressley
    Amanda LeWhore, er, Lepore
    Janice Dickhersoon, er, Dickinson
    Anderson Coward, er, Cooper
    David Girlsvoice, er, Beckham
    continued on next page

  • duh

    Of course it didn’t ring true, sitcoms aren’t really supposed to–the whole situation is contrived, they never have to do work, they don’t wear the same clothes twice, their biggest problems are wrapped up in 22 minutes unless it is a season ending cliffhanger.
    W&G was funny because it was a ridiculous exaggeration of a kernel of truth–str8 girl in love with gay guy and their self absorbed friends. I realize humor is a subjective thing so not everybody is gonna think W&G was funny, but to complain that it didn’t ring true is pretty disingenuous.
    If you only want to watch things that ring true look out the window and watch real people.

  • shivadog

    I love Will and Grace, especially the older episodes. They were so much like my friend and I it was almost scary. My friend actually seems like a combination of Grace, Jack and Karen.(yes,that is scary)

  • mrmansonx

    This is season 5, the show was already going downhill by this time. But season 2-3 are pute gold, try to watch “Girls, interruped”, when jack and Karen visit a group that make gay men and women straitgh and it’s impossible not to laugh.

  • die_hard_fan

    the show is fun and fab!!!

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