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What? A Hospital Is Actually Changing Its Policies to Let Gays Visit Their Sick Partners?


Maybe if a certain Florida hospital had done the same thing, Janice Langbehn would not have been denied access to her dying partner Lisa Pond. But baby steps are still steps, so let’s all raise a glass to Fresno, Calif.’s Community Regional Medical Center, which is changing its policies after Teresa Rowe was refused visitation of her Kristin Orbin, who was admitted to the ER after suffering a epileptic seizure.

“She and her partner of four years, Teresa Rowe, had traveled from the Bay Area to Fresno to attend a rally in support of marriage for same-sex couples,” reports the ACLU, which along with NGLTF the National Center for Lesbian Rights, made demands in a public letter that the hospital change its policies. “Although Rowe, who grew up in nearby Clovis, California, was well aware of Orbin’s medical history and how she responded to various medications, hospital staff refused to allow her to speak with the doctors treating Orbin or to visit with her. As a result, Orbin was given the drug Ativan that she didn’t need and which caused her unnecessary pain. After the couple had been separated for several hours, Orbin finally saw her doctor. She complained to him, and Rowe was eventually allowed to be with her.”

There’s been no apology. But we’ll take a policy change.