What Did Scott Lively Ever Do To You?

For the record, I have never advocated hatred or violence against anyone. I have never denied the Holocaust. I am a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people. I did address the Ugandan Parliament but spoke against the death penalty provision in their bill (which did not become law). I pastor one of the most racially integrated congregations in Springfield. I have never killed anyone. And I am internationally known for preaching against all sex outside of heterosexual marriage (including pedophilia). Three years ago, my wife and I came to Springfield as missionaries to teach by example how Biblical living can redeem a city. We live in one of the roughest inner-city neighborhoods and serve disadvantaged people as selflessly as we can. We gave up a lucrative and successful law practice in California to do this. It is not my choice to fight the culture war here. Though I am fully capable of defending the pro-family perspective, I would rather stay focused on helping to fix Springfield.

—Scott Lively, the pastor and coffee shop owner writing in a letter to the editor, would like to add Revisionist Historian to his CV