What Do Armistead Maupin And Hilary Swank Have In Common?

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UPDATE: Actress Natasha Lyonne, whose resume includes numerous queer projects such as Orange is the New Black and Party Monster, has been announced as host for the 10th Annual Legacy Awards on Nov. 12.


On a purely surface level, it’s difficult to think of two more disparate individuals than august author Armistead Maupin and two-time Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank. Yet it makes sense that both the writer behind the beloved Tales of the City novels and the performer who brought transgender man Brandon Teena to life in Boys Don’t Cry are to be honored with Outfest Legacy awards next month for contributing to stories, make that tales that have inspired all of us.

During a swanky affair in Los Angeles on November 12, Maupin will be presented with the Visionary Award, while Swank will receive the Trailblazer Award. In a statement released to the media, Outfest’s Executive Director Kirsten Schaffer drew a connection between the two honorees:

“Armistead Maupin’s diverse, interconnected community of San Francisco bohemians — which shaped our collective fantasy of what LGBT life is and could be – may stand in stark contrast to Hilary Swank’s all-too-real portrayal of a trans man who is murdered in Boys Don’t Cry. But the two have one important thing in common: They are stories that inspire change.”

The awards serve as a fundraiser to support the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project, the largest archive of LGBT moving images in the world. Tickets go on sale today and can be purchased here.

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