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What Do You Mean ‘Come To My Window’ Isn’t Gay Enough for Glee?

They’ve done the Madonna episode, and a Britney one is being rumored about. But what about Glee producers throwing some gay artists some love? It’s possible, though at least one artist thinks you’ll see Cory Monteith belting out Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment” before, say, “Come To My Window.”

“I don’t think they’re gay enough” says Melissa Etheridge of her song catalog. And while that may be sorta true — they aren’t really pop hits with memorable hooks, after all — she’s got a few tracks in there fit for the show.

Lea Michelle could deliver “Come To My Window” to represent her reciprocated love. And “I’m The Only One” is perfect for Mark Salling to sing to the blonde one whose heart he can never seem to capture.