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What Gay Punchlines Did Mark Indelicato Bring to Hot In Cleveland?

With every episode of Hot In Cleveland I wonder how long it’ll be before the typical sitcom jokes about women of a certain age will start repeating themselves. But last night I was distracted by Ugly Betty‘s Mark Indelicato, who played a, uh, eager high school theater queen. (Spoilers ahead)

We’ve already heard the “Ryan Seacrest is a queen” joke. Enter Mark to make the “beard” punchlines. He recruited Wendie Malick’s character Victoria, a narcissistic actress, to direct and then star in his high school’s performance of Romeo & Juliet.

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The Accidental Lesbian Flirtations of Hot In Cleveland

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  • Ogre Magi


  • Geoff M

    Daphne, Justin and Nina…..legends before, unwatchable now.

  • alan brickman

    where are the masc gays?…they exist you know….

  • jason

    @alan brickman: What’s your point? That gays should act masc to be accepted? Yeah, I’m sure gays would be more acceptable if they slept with the opposite sex too

  • Sceth

    5:22 – Who is that guy with the glasses?

  • Mike L.

    “I keep telling her I should have a bierd”
    “Oh, I wouldn’t bother”


  • James Davis

    Oh quit yer bitchin’ all of ya. This show isn’t Shakespeare (pun intended here), but it is fun in a way we haven’t seen since the demise of The Golden Girls, and I for one love it even if the jokes are a bit predictable.

    These 4 ladies sell the material extremely well. As an example I offer you from this episode Betty White’s line “hear that, it’s the sound of us turning against you” great writing? meh, but Betty White’s expression sold that line as if it was Shakespeare.

  • L.

    “The man wants to put our characters’ names on the back of our costumes!”

    Arf :)


    Seein Mark Indelicato gets me all ticked off again ’bout Ugly Betty getting jetted………The scene where Justin officially comes out by akwardly taking his Boyfriends hand and nervously embracing him for the slow dance at his Mom’s wedding and then watching the reactions of each cast member as they watch them two dance was one of the most touching, tear jerkin’ scenes I can eva remember seeing……*sigh*

  • derek

    I live for Mark Indelicato!!

  • Christoph

    This was well done, I watched the series so far and like it.

  • Jayel

    alan brickman is a homophobic troll. DO NOT pay him any attention. This is the epitome of loser, loner, gross troll trolling away on this site with the most offensive, insulting but stupid commentary each and every time.

  • REBELComx

    Aw. Mark is just too adorable for words. If he were 5 years older, I’d be all over that. lol

  • Jeffree

    Hot in Cleveland is a decent show. Wendie Malick has a nice way of delivering her lines. In, ahem, 40 years I bet people may be saying “Doesn’t she remind you of Betty White” back in the day?

    Mark is a fierce, fine young actor.
    I agree with PlaysWell that the cancellation of Ugly.Betty was stooopid.
    Great cast, storylines, bounced across too many time-slots. How many gay k/i/d/s got inspired by that show to just be themselves?

    I’ll take Hot in Cleveland over “Reality TV” any day.

  • Pip

    haha i didn’t know there were funny shows on tv anymore.

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