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  • Bystander

    Queerty = Bitter Cunt

  • Michael g

    Queerty is just trying to bait Sullivan into a reaction to drive up their web traffic. Then someone might click on one of the ever proliferating ads masquerading as stories on it’s front page and give the editor an extra buck for a blog that cribs a lot of other writers stories and hard work.

  • Ethan

    Queerty = Perez Hilton
    Andrew Sullivan = Anderson Cooper

    Jealous much??

  • Huh

    Agree – whining — If you are good at what you do, the money comes. If you are so/so – well, not so much. Sullivan was right on about what he said.

  • M Shane

    Sullivan has consistently been a putrid excuse to represent literacy or sense in the gay community. Because he makes the straight establishment happy kissing their butts regularly he is given space to spread his appaling ditorted message of what the gay community is or should be. Idiots who can’t make it any farther than too his second grade neocloset right wing writing actiually believe he says anything of import.

    May he die a slow and painful death for all of the delusions he has fed the gay community re: mainstreaming and his catholic bullcrap about marriage.
    As a writer friend of mine remarked;A.S. has never said anything worthy of quoting or repeating. His mind is so utterly worthless and sold out.

  • TANK

    but andy isn’t good at what he does. It’s not true that if you’re good at what you do, the money comes… That’s a flagrant misnomer that occasionally works out in specific trades/professions, but overall has no bearing on how well one actually does financially.

  • strumpetwindsock

    So hotshots, after that tantalizing headline did you actually do some work and find out the answer?

    Or are you leave the hard-hitting investigative stories to the smoking gun?

    Oh wait…there actually IS NO STORY.

    Speaking of which, I’m really pissed off because my neighbour has a better job than me too. Can you write something embarrassing about him? He’s gay too, so I’m sure it’s relevant to a news blog like this.

  • strumpetwindsock

    @M Shane:

    Well he’s certainly written stuff that Queerty has found worthy of repeating. I wonder, did you cut him a cheque, or was that a freebie?

  • Ethan

    @M Shane: Yeah Andrews a putz, but he’s light years ahead of Queerty in his writing, content and effect. Sorry, you may not agree with him, his beliefs or the fact that he’s actually making it..but he’s a hell of lot better than the drivle on this place…

  • TANK


    you mean to tell me that you live next door to someone who doesn’t mop the floors of porno shoppe backrooms?

    Prove that he’s not a hypocrite, douche.

  • strumpetwindsock

    I don’t care whether he’s a hypocrite or not. That has nothing to do with anything I said, so I have nothing to prove to you.

    And I’m not going to deal with you babbling about it in two threads at the same time.

    Besides, I’m more interested to see what gets generated by this Seinfeld of a story. Why fuck it up by dragging that other thread in here. You can talk to yourself over there,

  • TANK


    Then nothing you said has anything to do with the topic. PROVE YOUR POINT, though. PUSSY!

  • TANK

    I’d rather talk to you, though…you old sack of dust.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Irony: Putting down a website that is putting down well known noted misogynist Andrew Sullivan by doing what? Using a misogynististic term like “cunt.”

  • denguyfl

    As someone who reads Sully throughout the day, I couldn’t disagree with you more. Nor could countless other people; what with the Daily Dish being the third most popular political blog in the nation. Are you guys jealous?

    Your holier than thou attitude is getting tired. First HRC, who believe it or not does not limit its activism to Washington (and is much more admirable whne it takes on issues outside the beltway. Then Obama who though we all have a beef with but does not deserve the derision that Queerty heaps upon him (please visit Lawdork 2.0) for another take on Obama’s strategies.

    Now Sully? Do you really want to alienate ALL your readers? I am sorry but where where you when Iran was imploding? I seem to remember being glued to Sully’s constant coverage (almost 24/7 with the help of his assistants). Did you miss the man that famously said there are no homosexuals in Iran came out and said the revolts were being led by homosexuals? Did that not even cross the Queerty gaydar? Come to think of it, where are you on anything other than marriage, clebebrity fluff, and pretty pictures. Did you know Jennings is being attacked for being gay and there is an online thank-you to the administration you can sign? You did? Where is the link.

    Thanks but no thanks. This is the last visit to delusional ego-land for me.

  • Allan

    Do you folks no anything about Andrew Sullivan and his long dubious history?

    To not like Andrew Sullivan is not a negative! The guy takes pride in helping to kill universal health care. He has a despicable history of supporting junk racist science that supports white supremacist view points. Sullivan is famous for his hypocritical views on gays needing monogamy while he was out cruising for bareback sex. The hit parade goes on from there.

    Queerty is justified in calling Sullivan out for suggesting that writers cheerfully accept little pay for their work while he earns a healthy wage writing.

    Sullivan is not Anderson Cooper. Sullivan is a gay Bill O’Reilly.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Re Reading Sullivan

    During the protests over Prop 8, Sullivan quoted one of his readers who identified as “liberal” but was angry that peace protesters were marching in San Diego down an avenue that blocked the reader’s ability to drive to a wine festival. Rather than scolding the reader, Sullivan stated we must be careful not to come across as “too angry.” This is who Sullivan is.

    When discussing gender issues, he calls it a special interest, and says essentially it has no part of politics, but then sees gay rights as essential to convervative values as it calls what he peddles.

    Then, there’s the Bell Curve, a book of pseudo “scientific” babbling (I hate when non scientists try to use the imprimatur of calling what they do “science” to prove pet social theories) that argues that blacks are not as an intelligent as whites. Sullivan defends that book to this day as a good book despite the overwhelming evidence that it is a load of crap.

    This is the man you ae defending. It says alot about you that you are.

    Sullivan is worse than O’Reily. Because at least with O’Reily you do not have a buch of people identitying with him over sexual orientation so much so that they ignore the filth that comes out of his mouth. Then agan, maybe that is the point. Many agree with the filth too, which again says a lot about the people defending him.

  • strumpetwindsock

    @The Gay Numbers:

    I don’t have any problem calling people on bad behaviour or bad ideas.

    My point is this: if you’re going to criticize someone, do it properly. Compare your words about Sullivan to the article at the top of this page, which says nothing at all, or the last piece about Sullivan which was quick to condemn him (and ridicule him for his HIV status), but offered no defense of the hardworking journalists it claimed he was slighting.

    What is the point? challenging an issue, or finding a scapegoat?

    If Queerty had put at least as much thought into their work as you guys have I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with it (the HIV thing is still over the line, IMO). But to label some guy an enemy with no evidence or analysis whatsoever is worse than lazy; it’s dangerous.

    And it’s also hypocritical, since this site has had no problem using Sullivan’s work in the past. And I doubt he got paid for it.

    The focus of this site seems to be shifting from real news to attacking public figures and groups of people – some who deserve it, and some who do not – usually heavy on the scorn and ridicule, and light on actual evidence.

    Me, I care less about what a person earns and more about what he says. Perhaps we should change the name of this site from “Queerty” to “Uppity”.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @strumpetwindsock: They probably assume you should know the history. The reality is there is no defense of this guy. He was for the lead up the Iraqi war for example, and vigorously attacked anyone who thought the war was wrong. There are just too many instances of hypocritical behavior or hatred of other groups on his part. Then there is the elitist attitude, including on gay rights issues. We can protest, but not if it gets in the way of class. We can fight for our rights, but not if it requires us to go to courts to fight for equality. Etc. Queerty is an entertainment site. You should not expect it to be more than that. The fact they point out the misbehavior of this supposed “A-gay” is more than I would expect from it.

  • strumpetwindsock

    And there is a big difference between those of us who are posting here and the owners of a site.

    If you are going to pretend to be part of the media there is some responsibility which goes along with that.

    So by all means, give Sullivan shit when you think he’s out of line (I did so myself). But none of his actions excuse the baseless ridicule I have read here.

  • strumpetwindsock

    @The Gay Numbers:

    Sorry. Not good enough.
    If I am going to be told to not read someone, and that he is the enemy I at least deserve to be told why.

    One paragraph…. one sentence. Really, how much work would it be. Evidently more work than using a demeaning photo and private medical information.

    GO down that road and pretty soon and we start accepting calls to hate people for no reason at all.

  • M Shane

    A.S. has grabbed up wrttting space not because he is an inventive or interesting writer, but because somehow in his distorted mind he is able to be the most satisfactory image of a “gay” that the straight right wing can come up with.

    Consequently homophobic gays latch onto him as someone who they can read with the comfort that they are getting the most repectable line to the straight white establishment. That’s his poison, and why he is so deeply harmful . He might even convince Bill O’Reily to join the bear club. His sin is against gullible gays who feel legitimized by his cant.

    He completely misrepresents the truths of being gay and gives a version that homophobics just might tolerate, since they seem unable to discern insanity. If he was put in a cage at the Bronx Zoo to bareback logs he might be ok.

  • TANK

    @The Gay Numbers:

    I think stephen jay gould took apart the bell curve in the mismeasure of man. It is, in a couple words, no more.

  • TANK


    It’s over the line? How about advertising for bareback sex when you’re hiv poz without including that useful bit of information? Is that over the line? GO fuck yourself, you worthless apologist.

    Once again, THIS entry is about his hypocrisy. You disagree with his hypocrisy. Now prove why he’s not a hypocrite. You have yet to do that. That’s what this entry and the previous one are ALL about.

  • TANK


    Now you’re just a zealot. No reason at all? There have been AMPLE reasons for despising him provided in the comments section–and further, reasons provided in the actual ENTRIES (which you have clearly failed to comprehend), exposing his hypocrisy.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @strumpetwindsock: @strumpetwindsock: At this point I am going to assume you are emotional retarded and move on. Life is too short to deal with people like you. Peace.

  • Huh

    Which – despising A.S. has nothing to do with what this post is about. Good or Bad – Andrew is a marketer, an entertainer – and occasionally a journalist. He foresaw the potential and became the first widely read blog. He turned that into a nice paying job at The Atlantic Monthly. I think all the points about his hypocrisy are valid. Not only that, but from what I can see he is an extreme narccasist (sp). He did excellent coverage of the Iran elections, he was way out in front of everyone on the torture issue – but he has scores of negatives as well.
    The point is — he is good at what he does whether you agree with it or not. To hate on him because of how much money he makes and the fact that he’s not willing to say everyone should make that much — just dumb. If you want to make a lot of money blogging and online reporting, then come up with something new and innovative, gather a following and put in the work. That’s what he did.

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