What The Gays Should Do With the American Family Association’s Home Depot Boycott

Last week the American Family Association announced it was boycotting Home Depot because the home good chain supports radical homosexuals by donating to pride parades and what not. Not only will the stupid project not effect the company’s bottom line, but AFA didn’t realize it’s up against queer America’s $743 billion in purchasing power. So not that I’ve got anything against Lowe’s or HomeGoods, but these stunts are just an invitation for the gays to start buying their mulch, weed killer, and energy-saving light bulbs from the company AFA loves to hate. Well, if you don’t mind their political influence.

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  • Dave

    I thought Home Depot gave millions to the Republicans as well?

  • nerdstore



    Lets all build houses and then drop them on those hatespewing, bigoted, reprehesive, vile, scumbags………

  • Mountainword

    I’m with “Plays Well with Others” –

    Let’s drop some houses on those bitches, Dorothy-style! Teach them how we do things back in the O-Z!

  • Dawson

    Dave makes a good point but we must let Home Depot know that we shopping there because of the boycott. If we shop there and they do not know it is our gay dollars that we are spending it would have no effect. So the question is how do we let Home Depot know that we are spending our gay money at their stores? Do you tell the check out clerk this is gay money? Would they even care?

    We saw with Disney that when they were boycotted it had no effect. Home Depot could be different because of where their head quarters are located. But I do think we have to see if they are like Target and are talking out of both sides of their months.

  • Alexa

    @dave, they did. As I recall, the CEO of Home Depot was also caught saying, during the last presidential election, that anyone with money voting for Obama should be shot.

  • Franklyn Miller

    Isn’t this the same organization that boycotted the Walt Disney Company for their not-approval approval of GayDays? Didn’t the end up rescinding that boycot years later when it proved to be ineffective?

  • Syl

    @ Alexa: too true!

    Anyway, good for Home Depot and all that, but I’m still going to try to shop at locally-owned, independent hardware and home improvement stores!

  • Cam

    Give me a break, like anyody in that organization knows where they handyman they hire has purchased the aluminum siding for their trailor. Meanwhile gays are spending so much there remodline or even refubishing old rundown homes that Home Depot opened it’s first branch deep inside a city in..Washington DC, the city with the highest ratio of gay couples in the city limits.

    I could be wrong, but I would be shocked if home Depot didn’t know which side it’s bread was buttered on.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Great idea. After all, we are “Friends of Dorothy”.

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