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What Will Happen to the 2 So You Think You Can Dancers Who Stripped Down?


We’re taking a timeout from this season’s So You Think You Can Dance because, after Nigel Lythgoe’s homophobic-y comments, the show has lost most of its pizazz. That is, until two contestants allegedly showed up on showing off their goods.

Ade Obayomi, 20, who’s still competing, and ousted contestant Jonathan Platero, 21 — or two men who look remarkably like them — popped up on the site in various states of undress. Platero is shirtless in the mirror; Obayomi looks to have gone into the NSFW region.

What’s the Internet discovery mean for the pair? Maybe history can teach us a lesson.

When racy photos of American Idol‘s songstress Antonella Barba popped up while she was still on the show, Simon Cowell addressed the scandal live on air; Barba was not kicked off Idol for the pics, but did get voted out shortly after they surfaced.

But when it comes to SYTYCD‘s situation, we’ve got a different scenario. There are guys, which if you’ve spent a second in pop culture, get treated differently. Women are responsible for their risque pasts, while men often get a pass.

And while Platero’s pic isn’t too scandalous, Obayomi’s are. And from the (bottom-y) looks of things, it’s clear he’s of the gay variety (or comes from a string of straight DNA that really likes spreading his ass).

(Platero, however, describes himself as a “boi” on his MySpace page, and we all know which sexuality uses that word.)

It’ll be interesting to see whether Lythgoe & Co. even address the photos on the show, or hope the scandal blows over. In the meantime, it’s clear that at least Platero has no problem posting photos of himself on the web.

The “scandalous” (and likely NSFW) photos follow:

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  • James

    I think 75% of the guys this season are (or will eventually come out as) gay and it’s usually the same each season, so these two showing up on a predominantly gay website like guyswithiphones isn’t surprising. However, I wouldn’t have guessed Ade was a bottom until seeing that ridiculous picture of his butt. I’d rather see Jonathan, Brandon, or cutie Jason’s butts instead of Ade’s.

  • Rhydderch

    Don’t most straight guys take photos of their sphincter?

  • cruskpalftidon

    @Rhydderch: Yeah, they do, they just refrain from *calling* it a sphincter.

  • sal(the original)

    they are gonna be famous!!!!!!buckle up boys its gonna be a bumpy ride!!!paris move over!!!lol

  • Jeffrey Bryan

    Jonathan’s pic was taken right off his myspace page. I remember seeing it there back when the season started.

  • homofied

    “What Will Happen to the 2 So You Think You Can Dancers Who Stripped Down?” Well, I for one know exactly what would happen if they passed out in my bed. And they would love every ass lickin’ minute of it.

  • Helga von ornstein

    Thanks for the tease Queerty. That black guy is hot.

  • dgz

    how did anyone come to the conclusion that that’s ade? you can’t see his face in any of the pics.

    and there’s no pick in his hair.

  • naprem

    @dgz: Those aren’t ALL the pics – there’s a face one out there as well that Queerty just didn’t include.

  • terrwill

    Hey David!! Whats with the big red ball over the black balls????

  • dgz

    @naprem: where? i clicked all the links and never saw one. he always has his phone over his face.

  • Bob Lablah

    My prayers have been answered. Ade, you have a bootyful butt. I would eat that all night long.

    All this time I was praying for a costume failure of some sort and this came up. Thank you, whoever it was that reported it.

  • denguyfl

    Why the huge red dots, Queerty? For those of us industrious enough to know how to type g
    “” quickly learn that you are covering … wait for it … A HAND (thanks fleshbot)

  • anonymous

    I went to the site where this photo supposedly was taken from and did not find it. I would not be shocked if it was intentionally planted by the shows producers just to get the ratings up.

    They succeeded. The cute one with the very hot ass is the other black guy who was on last night. I almost creamed when he did that routine in the black shorts. God, what an ass. Not to take anything away from Ade though.

  • Cbus Chris

    Guys taking shirtless and naked pics!? Gasp! Stone them! Thank you “Adam and Eve” for making our natural human existence socially unacceptable.

  • Nats W

    OOOOOOK…!!! I really think sometimes people talks with out foudations… I DONT REALLY KNOW WHAT TO SAY ABOUT ADE’S pics, ( If thats Him) Jonathan in the other hand is way out of discussion, first of all those pictures aren’t gay pictures at all, OMG ..!!! I can truly say JONATHAN IS NOT GAY AT ALL… what’s wrong with u people thinking Jonathan is gay… just bcuz he wrote boi… WHAT??? ARE U KIDDING ME..!!! I CANT BELIVE HOW PEOPLE WRITES ABOUT THIS TWO GUYS.. Jonathan IS NOT GAY… and u Cant Probe thats ADE u CANT EVEN SEE HIS FACE..!!!!!

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