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What’s It Like to Kiss Lady Gaga? This Queer Bodybuilder Knows

SOUNDBITES — “The kiss was down from the get go. It happened very naturally and organically. I leaned into smell her and I started by kissing her neck. It was electric and when I got to her mouth, she actually kissed me. Kissing lady Gaga was like kissing any beautiful woman you feel a connection with, as soon as I touched her she was just that, very sensitive and responsive. It even eclipsed the crazy cigarette glasses that were smoking. I think we did four or five takes, it all happened so fast, it was a bit of a blur. By the last takes we were brushing ashes off each other and coughing and laughing. Talk about second hand smoke! But really it was a performance and that yes she is a good kisser but kissing my girlfriend is even more powerful as I’m totally under her spell. … I find nothing problematic about Gaga’s video. For some one to say that it is bad to have representation of LGBTQ people in prison in a music is just ludicrous to me. To be able to poke, to parody ourselves means we have come along way. They are missing the point. In addition, Gaga is exploiting all images in the video, including herself. The structure of the video claims everything from Thelma and Louise to early sexploitation films.” —Artist, fitness trainer, and bodybuilder Heather Cassils, who you know as the gal who kissed Lady Gaga in “Telephone” (via)