What’s Scarier Than A Gay President?

Homer Simpson’s adventures in celebrity killing took a turn for the gay during The Simpson‘s annual Halloween special last night.

After accidentally chopping up Krusty, a scene that was gross even in cartoon form, Homer gets hired by advertising executives looking to exploit gay celebrities, who can’t sue for image misappropriation. Anyway, Homer’s so good at offing the A-Listers, that their ghosts decide to get revenge. And one of those ghost’s a randy Abe Lincoln, who, as some of you may know, may have had some gay history. Homer gets his comeuppance, of course, which suits Abe’s taste, although George Washington may have something to say about that. Just saying!

We could post some really bad video, but we’re hoping someone out there can give us better goods?

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  • dzerobc

    It should be noted that they are looking to exploit “dead” celebrities. Gay celebrities still have the right to sue, I don’t think Prop 8 takes that away.

  • AB

    Abe was probably not gay. Evidence for any relationship is scant and his wife became jealous when, during his presidency, he became more confident around talking to the ladies.

    His predecessor, however, is a far more likely to have been gay. He was mocked for having close male companion and for being dandy during his time. The only other claim to fame James Buchanan has is probably being the real worst president ever because the union fell apart on his watch.

  • ZeeLee

    I’ve always disliked the Simpsons for their blunt, coarse humor, but for me, this passes the line.
    These people are dead; let them rest in peace.

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