What’s The Best New App To “Put A Ring On It” In The 2014 Queerties?

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.47.27 AMThese days, when you ask a new couple “So where did you two meet?” and the answer doesn’t involve the internet in some way, it’s out of the norm. “Oh!” you might say in surprise, “the old-fashioned way, huh?”

But more and more, we’re looking for our potential mates on any number of highly efficient pocket tools. Of course there are the power-players, but those are better at connecting you with Mr. Right Now as opposed to Mr. Right.

These apps have all tried to position themselves as the matchmakers of the modern age, but which one can really deliver?

Lance Bass’ “Tinder for an exclusively gay crowd” Sparxx is in beta, while Karma is still only in the funding phase. But do they have enough promise to take home the prize?

Mister keeps it to big boys only — guys over 30, while Hornet has angled itself as the dating app “with a conscious.” Will that conscious give it the edge over?

Dandy and Mench’d are both going for the coffee date before bedfellow vibe, and promise to connect you with likeminded guys nearby. But do they come through?

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