When All Else Fails, Smear Your Political Opponent For Being Gay

The Dallas Voice, Towleroad and Think Progress just dug up anti-gay campaign fliers that smear different political opponent for loving homogays. The one issued by Houston Independent School District Trustee Manuel Rodriquez Jr. pointed out his opponent Ramiro Fonseca’s LGBT political connections and the fact that he’s a 52-year-old unmarried man with a male partner. Dare we trust such a man with the children?!!

A second flier (above) targets pro-LGBT Democratic Virginia state Senator Ralph Northam by reminding you that “homosexual/gays molest children into the gay life style” and “spread most of the Aids in America.”

Then yet another anti-gay flier in Virginia calls Republican senatorial candidate Patrick Forrest an “openly homosexual” man endorsed by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. We like how those things are supposed to be shocking. Maybe in 1951.

Of course, the real outrage here is the horrible design and typesetting in both fliers. You can tell they totally weren’t designed by homosexuals.