When Does Over-Sharing on the Internet Help? When You’re HIV-Positive and Have Nowhere Else To Go

POZIAM, BeOneCity, and SINMen.net are just some of the free social networking sites out there for the HIV-positive flock. And while there are some grave concerns about revealing too much about yourself online, sometimes it’s the best option. “But while HIV-positive bloggers, vloggers, and social-networking site creators are also keenly aware of the ever-increasing reach of digital media, particularly among youth and young adults, the reasons many choose to begin their online endeavors are often far more personal than practical. ‘I actually find it’s much easier to deal with my own HIV by being open about it. It’s cathartic,’ says [21-year-old Georgia college student Jonathan Shaw], who in addition to launching his YouTube vlog in March 2009 just three months after his diagnosis also disclosed his serostatus on Facebook only a week after he learned he was HIV-positive. ‘And if my story helps others too, then all the better.'” [HIV Plus]