When Kids Attack: Teen Terrors Send Lesbian To Hospital in MO

A woman in Cape Giradeau, Missouri is recovering from a concussion after neighborhood kids dragged her out of her house and beat her.

Jeana Terry says the children, all siblings under the age of 16 who live across the street, had taunted her and her partner with anti-gay slurs for months. Last Tuesday, the oldest daughter and her brother ran up to Terry while she was on her front porch and began punching and kicking her. Others soon joined in.

When an 11-year-old boy struck Terry in the face, she told KAIT-TV Channel 8, “I felt the rip. I thought it was water but now I know it was blood.”

Terry says she and her girlfriend have tried to talk to the juveniles’ dad about the harassment and slurs. I was like ‘Enough is about enough.”

While the official police report backs Terry’s side of the story, the children’s mother, Nancy Harris, claims it was the other way around: “My daughter was on the phone and talking to and friend and she assumed they were calling her gay,” said Harris. “She ran off the porch, tried to attack [my daughter] and she defended herself. I have two other kids that came to their sister’s rescue trying to break up the fight. They took three juveniles into custody. We don’t care what race, sexuality, color or what you are, we love everybody.”

Oh, well, if you say your kids are precious little angels then we’ll just take your word for it, lady.

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  • Kev C

    The children should be charged as adults for assault and related charges and with hate crimes, but they probably won’t be. Ms. Terry should buy a gun. Missouri doesn’t require permits to own guns.

  • Danforbes

    One of the kids was 11 years old!

  • Brandon

    This is what Romney and his pack of republican bigots have wrought with their anti-gay rhetoric: a new generation of hateful snots defended by their equally horrific parents.

  • Sam Luigi

    I went to college in Cape, got a good job there, had friends and family close by. But I got the hell out of there when I came out. It’s so ass backwards and small-minded, there’s no way a gay couple could live there without being taunted or publicly ridiculed. And it’s a really boring town, which is why there are so many meth heads and alcoholics – there’s nothing else to do!

  • mark

    @Kev C: Yes Kevin. The police, jails, and guns will solve everything!

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    the children’s mother, Nancy Harris, claims it was the other way around

    She’ll be saying the same thing to the parole board when they’re adults sitting in jail.

    Lying bitch; your kids are trash, and so are you.

  • Kev C

    @mark: Yes, those things would have stopped her homophobic attackers. What I would do is get some blank bullets and fire them at the kids. You know, just for practice.

  • B

    No. 8 · Kev C wrote, “@mark: Yes, those things would have stopped her homophobic attackers. What I would do is get some blank bullets and fire them at the kids. You know, just for practice.”

    Bad idea:

    Even professionals screw up.

  • Belize

    There’d be no point in insulting those trashy kids and their parents here. I doubt that their redneck asses even have internet connection. Usually, the people who are like that are the ones that know they’ll STAY SMALL for the rest of their lives no matter what they do. :)

  • JayHobeSound

    Hateful, violent litter-mates will all be in state prison as adults if they don’t change their behavior. The landlord is in process of evicting the Harris family at present so hopefully the neighborhood will be calm again soon.

  • conde j.peoples

    Those “kids” should be prosecuted as adults!

  • Dana H

    Ah, the great state of Misery…I mean Missouri.

    You couldn’t drag me back into that hate-filled, soul-sucking, black hole of a population if doing so would resurrect my mother. She’d understand. Two decades in Jefferson County, two counties north of Cape G., was enough.

    The sad thing is, this incident doesn’t shock or surprise me, coming from there.

  • C.A.T.

    where did that teenage girl talk? on the porch of another person’s house? weird the mother of the attackers have got to be smoking crach

  • Basch

    Ugh. Fuckin’ people.

  • Jon_the_I

    Um, do all you people realize these kids are black, and the lesbian couple was white? This may have been more of a racial incident, since the kids supposedly hid out at their lesbian aunt’s house. Not all gay people get assaulted because they are gay.

  • Abel Costainstien

    Black people are the main cause of homophobia in society today. Literally 99% of anti gay hate crimes are committed by blacks. And then THEY have the nerve to play the race card when they are barbaric beasts when it comes to gay people

  • Kielan

    The three times I’ve been physically assaulted or verbally assaulted for being gay was by blacks. I mean, at this point, it’s more than obvious that the black community has some deep rooted homophobia and NO ONE is addressing it. Expect the gay community to be veryyy fed up with all this BS soon. You can only push a group of people so much.

  • Akos

    @Abel Costainstien: LOL! 99%!? I don’t know where you’re getting this ‘statistic’ from. Care to elucidate, or maybe give some examples. A majority of the ones I’ve seen making it to the news seem to have white perpetrators (in NA at least). If you’ll allow me to use anecdotal data, most of my black friends are perfectly fine with it. I really think the environment people grow up in not their skin colour is what affects their view of LGBT people. Hence why I’ve seen white, Asian, and black people who are quite homophobic but many of them came from very very traditional family “values” and/or were quite religious.
    @Kielan: I don’t understand why you see it as a gay vs black thing, instead of a sensible people vs irrational homophobes thing. Also, who exactly is the ‘black community’, I never understood that. I’m Ghanaian (-Canadian) and the culture/views of my family is super different from other black people. I hate when people just lump them all together like as if just because we look the same on the outside we all have same opinions/thoughts/etc.

  • Code Pink

    @Abel Costainstien @ Kielan: I see you’re the SAME person. When did you stop using your old name of Jason??

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