Where All the Muscle Queens Go to … “Workout”


If you’re a gay who works out in New York City, you’ll be shunned if you dare tell anyone you’re a member at New York Sports Club. How déclassé. If it’s not Chic-quinox, then David Barton Gym is your fitness home. Or, as its known to fans, Dolly Parton Gym.

The puffed up proprietor is expanding his Manhattan reign beyond Chelsea and the Upper East Side to Astor Place, which means there’s a terrific opportunity for New York‘s Tim Murphy to see the new digs — and the type of guys that go.

Or at least the type of abs that are expected.

In the steamroom.

(Thanks, Mike!)

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  • ChristopherJ

    this is hilarious. i could never work out there though … but the disco ball? great

  • scott ny'er

    i’ve been working out at NYSC before they became the Starbucks of NYC. When I started it was only 6 clubs.

    I guess I’m declasse. But I do have the flexibility of going to a gym pretty much anywhere and almost at any time.

  • MoHoTo

    Oh my. Oh. My.

  • andy

    Give me a break, Chelsea Piers is so much better!

  • Qjersey

    David Barton’s face looks so beat. Definite paper bagger…Like most of his clients…Bod 10, face, meh.

  • Peter

    I used a one week membership to their Chelsea location. I felt like I was working out in a meatrack and not a gym. THe staff there clearly knows whatr goes on in the steam rooms as the guy was encouraging me to open the door and take alook inside.

    I go to Gold’s Gym on 54th instead. It’s a gym where people go to work out – not to cruise.

  • adolf

    any one got tips on how to get puke from in between keys out?

    this is “Victorian punk” dude serious STFU, take the white levi cut off west on, put a t-shirt on. youre a joke.

    a gym is where you go to work out, not some cheesy looking low lite(so you look good) knock off of HERE.

  • Rick


    In addition to the disco ball, I am sure there are some disco sticks to be had!

  • Sam

    @adolf: David Barton pre-dates HERE, but I get your point.

  • Tim

    I used to think david barton was so hot…now he just looks ridiculous at his age in that getup.

  • naprem

    You’ll never get more cock than you do at NYSC.

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