Where Did “Looking” Go Wrong?

It’s official. HBO’s Looking will not be returning for a third season. Despite a small but dedicated fan base, the series experienced a sharp decline in viewers during season two, so this news doesn’t come as a complete surprise.

While the series may be over, HBO has announced it will produce a TV special to tie up the story’s loose ends for loyal fans.

As one of the few series on television that was created by a gay man (Michael Lannan), written by a predominantly gay staff and that starred many out actors (Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett, Daniel Franzese, Russell Tovey), it’s a shame there wasn’t more support from LGBT viewers, who criticized the series even before it had premiered for not representing every facet of the queer community.

So if you watched the series, here’s another chance to weigh in on these pressing questions: Where did Looking go wrong? And do you think HBO can turn things around with its planned TV special?

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