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  • Kip

    A-List – hahahahahahaha – lol

  • Jeff J NYC

    It’s official, after being out and proud for 20 years, I am for the first time ashamed to be gay after viewing that ‘hipster’ fight. Those nelly queens need some fighting lessons if they choose to throw down in public.

  • Jayson

    Somehow they made street fighting look like a ballet recital…pretty amusing.

  • kenny

    WTF? This is pathetic. The gay hipster video and the morons of the F list. Honestly this kind of thing is what continues to make us look bad.

  • Black Pegasus

    Why did I click on this shit?

  • Troy

    The first rule of Gay Fight Club: Scream like a 10-year-old girl!
    The second rule of Gay Fight Club: Make sure you’re being filmed for LOGO!

  • Tom

    Hopefully for the last episode they’ll just drop them in a pit of apples with 1,000 rabid raccoons.

  • Jeff J NYC

    @Tom – I love that visual – you made my day!

  • pete

    If I can’t make it through the promos without gagging, I doubt I’ll waste my time with this shitty program. Really, it’s disgusting, offensive, and repulsive. But let’s face it. This is what we get after years of going on about all those hags of NY, NJ, OC, etc. It’s cheap programming for the networks but it is beyond comprehension why anyone would or could waste one second of their life following any of these wretched, vapid fame-whores. The fact that someone took half an hour to explain to me who Danielle and Teresa are, totally depresses me. If that 2012 Mayan apocolypse bullshit happens, then good riddance!

  • ousslander

    MY mum could whip their butts

  • Baxter

    @Jeff J NYC: So much flailing.

  • Jorge

    “Housewives with balls” is kind of funny though…

  • SomethingElse

    LOL. Godawful. But sadly that IS what most Manhattan gays are like, from my experience. (Not Brooklyn, Queens, or Bronx native homos, though).

  • Mike in Asheville

    Admittedly, I don’t get reality TV; in reality, its all so fake and contrived.

    I have to question the tag line “Housewives with balls”; what balls? Those prissy things wouldn’t stand a chance against even a waif of the transie.

    If LOGO wants to produce a “behind the scenes of gay life” for entertainment, they should cover the backstage of goings-on at a Beach Blanket Babylon type show. Now those are some girls with balls, big balls, big enough to pursue their lives their way.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Oh, and girls, if you have to, repeatedly no less, tell folks that you are on the A-List, well you’re not. I’m not too sure if any of these, what, things?, would even make it on Kathy Griffin’s D List.

  • Casey

    FINALLY, a reality comedy series shot on the east coast that somehow makes the narcissistic, self-involved homosexuals in West Hollywood seem almost intelligent by comparison.

    Note to Self: cancel LOGO subscription.


    Was that a cross promo for another LOGO show?

    “How To Teach Your 7 Year Old Girl To Defend Herself???? :p

  • Cam

    So are these “A-listers” The same type of “Succeses” that the Real Housewives are?

    In other words, they act like they have bank accounts but they are really all in debt up to their eyeballs and fighting off the bankruptcy court for another month?

    This show looks like an updated version of the “Boys in the Band” and seems like it would be really depressing to watch.

  • TonyD

    LMAO My little sister knows how to throw a punch and anyone born into financial wealth does not act so uncouth about their financial security; it’s usually undeserving white trash married into money, 1 generation into the wealth, or entertainers that are so ostentatious and boastful and they usually lose it as quickly as they gain it; in addition, their “friends” tend to be fair weather and go once the money goes away, too.

  • MayYourProstateBecomeCancerous

    “The AIDS-List” would be a more accurate title. With any luck, the participants (in front of and behind the cameras) and the viewers of this tripe will drop dead slowly and painfully. Truly the apocalypse is upon us when anyone and everyone will jump at the chance to debase him/herself for public consumption. Being an oversexed, vanity worshipping sleazoid is certainly something to be “proud” of.

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