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Which Actor Hits The Super Bowl To Convince Everyone He Loves Jocks?

BLIND ITEMS — “You won’t see this actor at any regular season games, but he is lucky enough to make it to the big game. OK so he’s not really there for the sport. He is there to grab some precious camera time at what is perceived to be a super-macho event with a super-huge audience. Surely this will balance out the gay rumors! Too bad his manly man act doesn’t fool anyone. One athlete who met with him walked away from their conversation shaking his head and laughing about how the actor didn’t know anything about the teams that were playing or the game in general.” [BlindGossip]

(Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.)

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  • Bobby

    Does this site just have a bulleye set on travolta?

  • Cam

    Well Travolta pretty much keeps painting it bigger and bigger.

  • John

    Gee, I dunno. Lemme break out my magic e-meter and see what it says…

  • Wolfgang

    While not knowing anything about football or the teams doesn’t necessarily make you gay nor wouldn’t prevent you from going to one of the biggest events of the year just for the sake of it, in this particular and televised case it would have probably helped to BRING YOUR FAMILY to get the point across ;-).

  • the crustybastard

    Okay, Travolta may be a closeted gay, and he’s definitely adopted a nutty homophobic religion, but he’s also a very kind and generous man.

    If Travolta starts being crappy to gay folks, unload — he’ll deserve it.

    Until then, I’m with Bobby; how about giving some of this Perez-Hiltonesque shit a break?

  • GetBalance


    With e-meters magic underwear and a wardrobe that would dazzle even Lady Gaga, I’m sure the religions of the world can’t figure this one out, they are too busy primping preening and pimping!!!

  • ewe

    @the crustybastard: Bullshit. Do you know the age of john travolta? You say he is not crappy to gay folks. NOT ONE FUCKING WORD DURING THE 80s 90s and STILL NOW FROM THAT CLOSET FUCK. I call that beyond crappy when thousands are dying.

  • ewe

    @the crustybastard: You just cannot be pro gay and pretend you are straight when you are not. That is my whole point. Yeah so what if some people don’t say anything negative. The fact they live in hiding and fear speaks volumes to many. And it’s negative silence. Silence. Silence. Remember Silence? Silence = Death!!!

  • ewe

    @Bobby: excuse me. John Travolta is anti gay. If you are openly gay, John Travolta will AVOID YOU LIKE THE PLAGUE. That is not pro gay people. Please. He is not worthy of defense.

  • ewe

    john travolta is no different than ted haggard.

  • DavyJones

    @ewe: Oh get off your high horse. Whether anyone chooses to come out or not is a deeply personal decision, and has nothing to do with you. He doesn’t owe you, or the gay community, anything.

    Could he do a lot of good for the gay community if he came out? Sure. Does he owe that to us? Not at all. No more than anyone else ‘owes’ it to the community to come out. It’s a personal decision; those that give tirelessly for the community are heroes for it; however, those that don’t aren’t anti-gay because of it.

    There are real villains out there, people actually working against the community. They deserve your ire; not those who are troubled about their own sexuality, or choose to live privately in the closet.

  • ewe

    @DavyJones: You are indeed a MONKEE Mr. Davy Jones. I am going to address some of the crap you believe. It makes no sense. Is being openly straight a deeply personal decision? Apparently if you believe in equality it should be. You are so oppressed you don’t even know it and worse if you do, it is perfectly ok with you. John Travolta denies he is gay so yes it does hurt gay people. You are an idiot.

  • ewe

    @DavyJones: Oh let me guess. you must be one of those supporters of greek philosophy that try to promote the fallacy straight guys are straight and only like to fuck men for fucks sake huh? How butch.

  • ewe

    hello everyone, i am a heterosexual but i don’t want to let anyone know because it is my personal decision that i have thought over long and hard.

  • ewe

    Me being straight is a deeply held personal belief. (boohoo? and i want everyone to know that the fact i am a straight person is a very private matter. (tear) I just want to keep it that way. And i don’t have to tell everyone or anyone that i am a heterosexual straight person just because you think so.

    YEAH RIGHT. That is what the MONKEE wants us to believe is the other side of her equality equation.

  • adman

    @the crustybastard: Parez Hilton??? Did you just compare us to Parez Hilton? You, sir are trading in far too much online hyperbole, please cease and desist. That’s beyond ridiculous.

  • Ralpo

    Vin Diesel…d’uh.

  • Dr. Dick

    jeez-us, “ewe” people have so many feelings, go fucking do something, stop berating people on the internet!

    although, reading fevered queerty poster rants is a fun way to waste time @ work….

  • ewe

    @Dr. Dick: I am not berating people. Why do you feel that way?

  • ewe

    @Dr. Dick: In addition, i happen to answer what people talk about unlike so many others who avoid what i bring up in response to their bullshit and instead choose to insult me rather than defend their own words. check it out. You will find i speak the truth.

  • Dave

    I don’t remember seeing Travolta on any of the local coverage of celebs at the Super Bowl. However, Hugh Jackman was everywhere including the sidelines.

  • B

    No. 2 · Cam wrote, “Well Travolta pretty much keeps painting it bigger and bigger.”

    The picture looks like one of Travolta even though it shows only his mouth. Unfortunately (for Cam), as the caption says, “Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.”

  • DavyJones

    @ewe: Where to start. Well first; I don’t know where you got this Greek philosophy bit from as I certainly never said anything anywhere that would imply that.

    Second, coming out as “straight” is an invalid comparison because unlike coming out as gay, being straight doesn’t carry with it personal and professional repercussions. Travolta denying that he is gay in no way what so ever hurts you, me, or any other gay man or woman; except in many ways himself. The decision to come out is his own to make for precisely that reason.

    Do I think it is imperative that equality be achieved so that ‘coming out’ becomes a non-issue; Yes. I am also realistic though; we are not there yet, and until we are there; it is up to each gay man/woman to decide for themselves if they are ready to be open to the world about their sexuality, it certainly isn’t for some nerd-raged queen on the internet to demand.

    As for who the blind might be: They cut to Travolta 2-3 times during the game, so I think it’s reasonable to assume it’s him. He was certainly there.

  • earl trowbridge

    This is such a strange posting. Does anyone think that if you go to a football game you must be straight? I feel a bit badly for John Travolta. He just lost a son. Let’s be more concerned with the true bigots on this planet, of which there are many. John, if you are reading this, you were great in Saturday Night Fever.

  • gregger

    @ewe: Bingo, On The Nose, Dead On!!! How ever you want to put it, you’re correct.

  • gregger

    Insert tasteless joke about being a Wide Receiver………………………….

  • justiceontherocks

    To anyone who is at all concerned about any of these blind items: go get a life.

  • ewe

    @DavyJones: I replied to each and every rediculous self hating rationale and justification you attempted to push on me with your response but i kept losing it before i could post it. So I will say only one thing that i really want you to know and that is that those so called “nerd-raged queens” are the ones responsible for Stonewall and organizations like ActUp that actually changed lives for the better. All your bullshit is nothin but the promotion of a “down low” dumb ass existence of shame and excuse full of ignorant rationale and justification to never accept yourself. You stay clear of me MONKEE. I do not associate with people who think the way you do.

  • ewe

    @gregger: Thank you. I appreciate that.

  • GetBalance


    Hey man you are right on. People have a right to run their own lives and not be chided by noisy insecure babies expecting everyone else to change their diapers and blow their noses for them. Those types give new meaning to the words, “grow up”.

  • Chadiva

    @adman: If you don’t think you’re like Perez Hilton, that’s ridiculous! LOL! Queerty reeks of the same catty, bitchy quality that permeates Hilton’s site. Just tone it down; you can do better.

  • adman

    @Chadiva: Ahh, humor here is not high tone enough for you? Catty and bitchy are something you’re averse to somehow? And I am supposed to draw that from your post above? I think I get it, maybe I need to just try harder. Lol.

  • Chadiva

    @ewe: Take it down a few notches. Just because DavyJones differs with you doesn’t make him self-loathing. Your argument gets lost in all the vitriol. There’s a place for anger, but this is not it. At the end of the day, John Travolta doesn’t really owe the gay community anything at all. If he is gay, it would be nice if he did come out, but anyone who’s ever been in the closet knows how difficult it is to take that first step out of it. It’s probably that much more difficult if you’re a celebrity. Travolta doesn’t need our anger or bitter words now; if anything, that might actually cause him to abandon any thought of coming out if the gay community is going to be so nasty. I’m not saying there isn’t a reason to be critical of him; I’m saying there’s no need for all this anger and nastiness–toward him or DavyJones. #notagoodlook

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