Which American Idol Guys Scream ‘Queen?’

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On Tuesday night the Top 12 guys on American Idol took the stage in a two-hour episode, which means we were glued to our TiVo for about 35 minutes. The question on our mind? Not who would make it to the final two, but:

Which of these fellas plays for our team?

Here’s their introduction from Seacrest. Now, your guesses.

It’s a multiple choice poll – ’cause you know there’s more than one homo in the line up – so choose all who you think swing the gay way. (Sorry, no obvious Sanjaya vote this year.)

And not to sway your vote, but is it just us, or does Danny Noriega remind you of a certain YouTube personality?

(Are we totally gross for running this poll? Perhaps. We’re sure you’ll let us know in the comments.)

After the jump, some performances from a “select” few.

David Archuleta:

Colton Berry:

Jason Yeager:

Danny Noriega:

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