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  • cabr1to

    Thanks Queerty, for whoring out click-through on a non-story. Bravo. :-P

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    “This once popular boy-bander was so drunk at a club last weekend that his pals had to escort him out of the club and one drove him home. He woke up the next morning in bed naked with one of his buddies.”

    Wait, …trick question. Answer: Most of them.

  • McMike

    Yeah, it would be easier to guess which boy band members have not woken up naked by another guy after a drunken night out.

    btw, this story sounds like bullshite. If you wake up naked next to a guy and have to wonder if something happened or if your friends were playing a joke then something probably happened because most straight guys wouldn’t have to wonder if they ended up having sex with a guy no matter how drunk they got. However, if I may add, i’d estimate about 80% of the male population is not 100% heterosexual. It just sounds like if a guy asks himself that question than the question would be a “Did I have gay sex” but “Did I really sleep with him???”

  • Terry

    Your cranium must be prcotetnig some very valuable brains.

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