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Which Celeb’s Affair With a Male Pro Athlete Is Being Used By His Wife As a Divorce Bargaining Chip?

BLIND ITEMS — “This celebrity couple is close to a final agreement over how everything—including the child/ren—is going to be divided in the divorce. However, the wife’s legal team is having her keep one chip in her pocket for the divorce trial. If the husband’s team tries any last-minute maneuvering, the wife is not afraid to reveal an incident where she (along with their child/ren) caught her husband in bed with a family friend of theirs. The friend is a male professional athlete. In case you’ve been wondering why the two husbands are still close—but the wives rarely get together for more than an hour and a photo op—this is the reason.” [Blind Gossip]

(Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.)