Which Ex-Boyfriend Is Miley Cyrus Pissed About Being Gay?

How much weight can we really give to Miley Cyrus’s lyrics, even when she’s the one singing them? After all, she admitted that despite mentioning “a Jay-Z song was one” in her single “Party in the USA,” she, laughably, has never heard a Jay-Z song. So at Louisville concert when she changed the lyrics of “7 Things” (that she hates about her ex) to replace “your games” with “you’re gay,” was she perhaps referencing Justin Gaston? Or she just improvises her own lyrics when she can’t remember them?

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  • Tommy

    What bothers me most is whether Ms. Cyrus thinks being gay – boyfriend or not – is a quality worth hating.

  • htfaul

    Haha well if you are a teenage girl and you find out your boyfriend is gay, that is a pretty good reason to be pissed at him. It doesn’t mean you don’t like gays, just you don’t want to date one.

  • Heather Thomas

    You’re right Tommy. I am hopeful that she not sending a message of intolerance.

  • Republican


    If you’re any age and you find out the person you’re dating isn’t even into sexually attracted to your gender, but is instead just using you, then that’s a good reason to be pissed.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    It’s her forgettable co-star who did Dancing with the Stars. I think it’s hard for a young girl to be a beard before she’s old enough to grow one. I hold back from criticizing Miley because I think she has poor parenting, grew up in the spotlight and will come to realize that Gays will be her allies when she grows old and irrelevant and her fickle fans have moved on like with teeny-bopper Britney Spears who the Gays rescued from Bi-polar baldness! We are always there to pick you up when you fall because we have been kicked in the gutter our whole lives! Her misuse of the word ‘Gay’ is Generational and Gays can be reactionary until they mature to the point of rolling their eyes at others’ limited insight like the overuse of the ‘N’ word!

  • ashley

    id b pissed gays are disgusting and men that pretend 2 b women? fing freaks

  • romeo

    Thanks for sharing, Ashley.

  • Timothy

    Miley need to look at those who came before her and realize that 15 years from now she will be performing at gay pride events for a living.

  • Kiera

    Wow, If you guys really think miley hates gays. Then your stupid. Because first off all, like 2 of her back up dancers are gay. all her hairstylers who are guys are basically gay.
    And for all you know, she could’ve slipped and said that, she seemed out of breath.

  • romeo

    @ Kiera #9: Are we stupid? Then we should be ashamed of ourselves.

    And you should learn something about punctuation you twerp. What are you doing all day in school? Do you parents know you’re in a site like this and not doing your homework?

  • rf

    She’s already on the pole.

  • jimmy

    Does anybody have Justin Gaston’s phone number?

  • AlwaysGay

    Heterosexuals have to spread their hate. They can’t deal with their issues by themselves in a constructive manner so they throw in other people, many times gay people. Remember how heterosexuals blamed 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina (practically any disaster you can name has be scapegoated onto gay people) on gay people or tried to make the Columbine shooters gay (or any other mass killer)? Maybe one of her many boyfriends is gay. So what. She still thinks being gay is a negative and as long as those preceptions exist you will have gay people pretending to by heterosexual because that is what their environment prescribes for all people. The heterosexual dictatorship has to be broken in order for gay people to be free.

  • Haunter

    Actually, it sounded more like she said ‘game’ but got tired/cut off. In fact, I doubt she said ‘you’re vay’ also.

  • Matt

    “you’re gay” are the original lyrics, and they were changed for radio play. that’s my understanding at least. and im pretty sure it might be one of the first times the word “gay” has appeared in popular/mainstream country.

  • jessi


  • AK

    @ Matt:

    You’re thinking of Taylor Swift’s song Picture to Burn. She also had gay edited out of the song when a new release of her album came out.

    As for 7 Things, it sounds like she meant to say game but slipped up and only said it half way. Besides, gay doesn’t fit with the song since later she says she’s still in love with the guy. She also mentions the 7 things she loves about the guy. I guess I was the only one who bothered looking the full song up after this…

  • RJ

    You guys are discussing what a 17 year old privileged white girl thinks.

  • Lex

    Why do any of you grown men give a fuck what a child thinks about anything? Why are you even listening to her music? It’s not aimed at our demographic.

    Who cares if she’s pissed she had a gay boyfriend? Is that really ruining your day? I’m sure it ruined hers…

  • Billy Mongilly

    Has anyone ever thought of asking Miley to clarify those lyrics and even if she meant to say gay instead of game? Or shall we continue to spread this hatred about an issue we have no proof of? Just a thought, ecxuse me for barging in.

  • terrwill

    Didn’t she date Nick Jonas? Good god I would love for word to get out about one of the Jonas brothers being gay. Hyprocrital rightwing propoganda about abstinance………. Might just have to take off their “purity” rings……………….

  • shayne

    I think people like Ashley are disgusting freaks.

  • romeo

    Shayne, the Ashley’s of the world are just pissed because all the really cute guys are gay. God hates bitches like Ashley. That may be the reason he put us here. To torture them. LOL

  • ricky

    the underwear model?

  • alan brickman

    just jealous like all the fat guys..Miley you are sad…

  • amazingpenis

    Don’t forget that little teeny boppers use the word “gay” as a put-down. Constantly. So she’s probably just saying “he sucks”.

  • katie

    hey Terrwill, its not hypocritical if they actually aren’t having sex. and unless you personally have had sex with one of them, I’m sure a lot of parents would rather you not talk shit about some of the only good influences on their children. And “purity” means they don’t have sex, not that they aren’t gay.

  • romeo

    Katie: This is where concerned and informed citizens come to talk shit. If she walked on a public stage and moaned that one of the things she didn’t like about her boyfriend was that he was gay, then it’s open season on the little bitch.

  • Matt


    You’re right. My bad. Thanks for the correction.

  • madelyn

    i heard games. regardless of what you think you heard you should base your comments on things that can be proven.ask HER what she said and stop spreading hate for one side or the other. and besides i’ve seen and heard much more proof that she is for equal rights for gays and she loves and celebrates all of the gay members of her crew. as far as being pissed about dating a gay boyfriend, she never had one. she went to a prom with a boy who misled her and at the prom she found out he was gay. (taken directly from an interview that you can find on utube.) she was shocked and disappointed because he didn’t TELL her, not because he was gay. and futhermore, my high school boyfriend turned out the be gay and i was mad when i found out not because he was gay but because he didn’t TELL and he used me to hide his sexuality. do i hate gays? um no. in fact, im bisexual. so stop thinking you can put words in her mouth.

  • Billy Mongilly

    If someone is going to diss the lady simply because of one single tiny blurb they read in the media, they had no love for the lady in the first place and those are not fans. You have to understnd the media will lie simply to “sensationalize” a story. It gets them rating points and that’s what they are after. The truth means nothing to them.

  • Alex


    This is blown up wayyy to much!

    So fricking what she said gay

    it means nothing

    i use the word gay all the time!

    LOSERS! haha

  • maddie

    the song is written about Nick Jonas – I’m sure she said games – but the teeny’s do use the word gay as a put down to their heterosexual peers – somewhat like saying thay are creeps or they suck. I don’t think it was intended as a slur to the gay communtiy – nor do I think anyone of her ex boyfriends is actually gay – but she is pissed at Justin & has said some nasty things about him probably because he called her a liar & he no longer falls for her BS & obviously is not willing to be just her “friend”. Miley is definitely a very spoiled brat.

  • hephaestion

    Wow. I never saw a singer that awful before. She is really, REALLY awful.

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