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  • oldauntjudy

    Who gives a rats ass!

  • Cam

    The blind items are so ridiculously blind that it’s at the point I think that the writers at the post or gossip pages are just making them up. Because the chances are that this COULD fit somebody, and so if they keep them broad enough they can just make up anything.

  • t money

    Arnold Shwarzenegger.

  • Lefty

    @Cam: Agreed. The best ones were the ones that were written cryptically and there were clues. That was half of what made them interesting. Most of the ones posted on here lately could be anyone.

  • paulesso

    Hunk Michael Vartan just got married April 3rd. Orlando Bloom was married July last year. Both have had their gay rumors. John Krasinski got married July last year also, although he is a television actor maybe not quite a hunk. James Van Der Beek was married August of last year. Who knows.

  • Guido

    vin Diesel of course………..

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