Who Are the Naked Young Men In Michael Stipe’s Bathroom?


Guys With iPhones is a prohibitively addictive site dedicated to fellas who take self-portraits of themselves with their Apple device in a mirror. From frat jocks to skinny nerds, the site’s library now includes just about every body type and look you could be attracted to. But what happens when a celebrity whips out his iPhone and the photo makes its way to GWI?

Some creative sleuthing (link NSFW) finds R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe appears to be among those fascinated with his own image. And wherever he sent the photo, it landed on GWI. To be sure, it’s merely a PG pic; some fare on GWI goes all the way to X-rated.

But the devil is in the details: namely, by connecting the bathroom Stipe snapped his picture in to the bathrooms in the background of other men. Put it all together, and it appears Stipe — or someone who looks frighteningly similar to him — is hosting a bevy of naked young men is the loo.

And by bevy of naked young men, we mean paramour Thomas Dozol (below, top) and an unidentified houseguest (below, bottom):



Then again, this is nothing compared to what Pete Wentz did with his camera phone (link NSFW).