Who Are the Naked Young Men In Michael Stipe’s Bathroom?


Guys With iPhones is a prohibitively addictive site dedicated to fellas who take self-portraits of themselves with their Apple device in a mirror. From frat jocks to skinny nerds, the site’s library now includes just about every body type and look you could be attracted to. But what happens when a celebrity whips out his iPhone and the photo makes its way to GWI?

Some creative sleuthing (link NSFW) finds R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe appears to be among those fascinated with his own image. And wherever he sent the photo, it landed on GWI. To be sure, it’s merely a PG pic; some fare on GWI goes all the way to X-rated.

But the devil is in the details: namely, by connecting the bathroom Stipe snapped his picture in to the bathrooms in the background of other men. Put it all together, and it appears Stipe — or someone who looks frighteningly similar to him — is hosting a bevy of naked young men is the loo.

And by bevy of naked young men, we mean paramour Thomas Dozol (below, top) and an unidentified houseguest (below, bottom):



Then again, this is nothing compared to what Pete Wentz did with his camera phone (link NSFW).

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  • alan brickman

    So he likes underage boys?…no big surprise….

  • jamesn

    Is that the guy from those GEICO commercials?

  • Dave Johnson

    Why would millionaire rockstar Michael Stipe have such a crap bathroom?

  • Geoff M

    Not the same bathroom.

  • prissysissy

    Surely Michael Stipes can afford a much better bathroom? This one looks like a cheap apartment style.

  • ron

    It’s called goofing around with friends. You stepford queens should lighten up.

  • Burl

    a very slow news day

  • Steven

    @alan brickman: Both look early 20s to me.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Oh, he’s in the closet? I thought he came out and the butterflies in the amazon forest didn’t care, either.

  • Ted C.

    Gay Athens indie rockers?

    Wake me when Casey Spooner and Fred from the B-52s appear.

  • Lola Folana

    More importantly, what are those yellow canisters?

  • paul-e-wog

    Damn you Queerty. You need to put warning messages on these types of posts when people like me will lose hours of their lives on the clickthroughs. Excuse me while I load Guys With iPhones into my rss feeds.

  • TANK

    And why is michael stipe fascinated by his own image? It’s frightening.

  • TANK

    But that which we fear can be of interest…maybe that’s the case. Maybe his disgusting body is just as much a draw as it is a reason to destroy all mirrors and cameras and whatnot, that are around it.

  • TANK


    Because you have to admit…ugliness is by far more “interesting” than beauty. Ugliness makes a real impact.

  • Fitz

    @TANK: “And why is michael stipe fascinated by his own image? It’s frightening.” For much the same reason that you are fascinated with your own posts.

  • TANK



  • TANK


    You don’t mind if I call you gaseous weiner, do you? (that’s a conan, NBC reference from a while ago). Didn’t think so, fat head.

  • Ozment the Historian

    Whats up with holding phones above your head, snapping a pic and sending it online? It all seems a little vain and ignorant to me.

    Nice abs Mike.

  • TANK

    @Ozment the Historian:

    S’called a myspace angle. Usually, it’s meant to hide the defects manifest in our physiques. By our, I Mean yours…because I’m perfect.

  • kempsternyc

    @paul-e-wog: hehe…I did the same thing

  • Andy

    Wow, are you saying that gay men like _men_? I’m shocked.

  • alan brickman

    The Yellow Canisters are a clue apparently…

  • Henry Holland

    “So he likes underage boys?…no big surprise…”

    Where do YOU live, because where I live the age of consent is 18 and the dude identified as his paramour hasn’t been 18 in quite a while.

    “Maybe his disgusting body is just as much a draw as it is a reason to destroy all mirrors and cameras and whatnot, that are around it”

    C’mon asshole, post us a legit picture of you, and we’ll see how disgusting you are as a physical specimen. We *know* already that you’re disgusting as a message board commenter.

  • schlukitz

    @Henry Holland:

    Like the Religious Right whose big bugaboo is that homosexual relationships are related to incest and beastiality, there are certain gays among us who have an abnormal obsession with pedophilia and the need to point an accusing finger at those they believe are guilty of it.

    Perhaps to draw attention away from their own preoccupation with underage boys?

    Just sayin’.

  • Henry Holland


    I can’t remember where I posted this, but yesterday on a blog a 17-year old was called “a young boy” and I replied “He’s old enough to join the Army (with parents permission) and go off and kill people and he’s a ‘young boy’? WTF?”.

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