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Who Believes I Love You Phillip Morris Will Actually Premiere This Winter?


For reasons such as this, I won’t believe it until I walk up to a cinema, see I Love You Phillip Morris on the marquee, am actually allowed to purchase a ticket to it at the box office, and can walk into a theater that shows, after the words “Feature Presentation,” Jim Carrey screwing a guy on screen — but for all intents and purposes the film has a release date, December 3. Oh who are we kidding: I won’t believe it until I can go on and buy a stub online. Who waits in line at the box office anymore?

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  • concernedcitizen

    Honestly to me it doesn’t matter when it premieres. It’s all over the internet, and I’ve already saw it. Excellent movie though, just too much stalling.

  • Paul Mc

    Great film. No, really really great movie. Jim Carey and Ewan MacGregor are luminous. Genuinely moved by it … as credits roll, your heart is bursting.

    Been in the UK ages ago – what’s with the US distributors? Nothing offensive in this, nothing that wasn’t in other films.

  • Mike

    It’s a good film. Saw it in Ireland earlier this year. It’s sweet and very funny.

    Why hasn’t it been released in the US yet. Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor are big stars?


    Sorry but all the digits simply do not add up in this equasion.
    MacGregor has played lots of roles where he is balls ass naked. There has already been a major pitchur Bareback Mountain showin’ Jake Gylenhall gettin topped like no body’s business. So it is not like the distributors are all ascared about those scenarios which would have put the hex on this flick.

    Here is what I am tossin out there for debates.. I tend to believe that once Carey’s people saw the actually finished product it wasn’t a Gay story like another SNL alum Adam Sandler and Kevin James made a what they were anticipating and considered a harmless Gay comedy. But rather a movie depicting pretty graphic man sex going on. Soon Careys ears were filled with “career suicide” and “OMG what will middle America think of you if this ever opens in the red states?” Everyone who has posted on Queerts to a person has proclaimed how great this movie is. MacGregor and Carey are big enough stars that if they wanted it released in the US it would have been out by now. I think Carey got ascared and decided he really didn’t want this to be one of his “top movies”……….. :p

  • Black Jack44

    it doesnt matter when it comes out since ive already seen it. thank you internet.

  • MGangemi

    No Carrey has been seen still promoting the film, even making out with Ewan at events to promote it so I don’t really get the impression that he is doing it. However if you read the huge lists of comments on the video clips and previews for this film on sites like YouTube it is almost nightmarish what one-time fans of Carrey write. I never thought about it before really but the biggest fan base he had seems to be stupid, fag joke loving, all american red neck f%$kheads, and I think the studio saw these responses and freaked out.

  • adam

    it’s already online. it won’t be going to anymore theaters, likely.

  • Ryan

    I saw it in theaters in the spring and bought it a few weeks ago at the grocery store no less on dvd.

    The sad thing is that its become a bit of a self fufilling prophecy of poor returns in the US, they’ve waited so long to release the damn thing back in the states, that everyone who wanted to see it has already bought a pirated dvd and/or streamed it online. It’ll flop at the US box office and it’ll be taken as “proof” that mainstream audiences don’t way to see a gay movie, which is a shame, because its really pretty good, and one of maybe two times I’ve ever been able to tolerate jim carrey on screen.

  • Duane Nowell

    Where did you go to school to learn grammar. “Ascared”? Really? LOL

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