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  • Katbox

    I didn’t vote.
    I won’t vote.
    California is a dark blue state, and prop 8 is not on this ballot.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Obama, no other solution to our country’s problems! Go, Obama!!!

  • hephaestion

    I voted for Obama because I want to be a first class citizen in my home country before I die. I don’t have many years left. Romney will set gay rights back 20 years if not 50 years if he is elected.

  • Guillermo3

    I voted anti-fascist.I voted for Obama.

  • Gormenghast

    I’m going to bed for what may be my last sleep before I need to think about protecting to survive. If Gov. Romney wins today the lights will go out across the world as the Middle East sees the nuclear holocaust that the prospective Vice President seems happy with.

    As for my gay friends and myself it’s face the persecution and then the camps or run for the borders.

    Before Armageddon, can someone please explain how a country that extols the virtues of its Constitution and is seen as the defender of liberty around the world allows someone like Mitt Romney to even gain the lowliest of office let alone (and I say this with trepidation), become the last leader of the free world.

  • jeff4justice

    Neither one of these puppets.

    The 2-party system = more war, poverty & erosion of civil liberties.
    The Democrats have moved so far to the right with their wars.
    Democrats helped vote in Alito and Roberts to the Supreme Court.
    When Democrats had a majority they cried Republican obstructionism when they failed to deliver. So doesn’t that mean they can obstruct Republicans when they’re a minority?

    Obama is another corporate puppet, war mongering, dick.

    However here in CA the Top 2 general election reduces voter choice to only 2 options so we kinda have to vore lesser of evil or not at all in the statewide races – typically the richest Democrats and Republicans. However there are some races where the top 2 are both Republicans or both Democrats. The few alternative party candidates made it half of the the Top 2 in some areas were in areas so heavily slanted that the opposite major party was never viable to begin with. Hopefully voters in AZ were smart enough to learn from CA’s mistake and voted against the Top 2 election law in Prop 121.

  • Geoff B

    Gary Johnson. Left of Obama on social issues and right of Romney on fiscal issues. Perfect.

  • Guillermo3

    @jeff4justice: jeff4justice,I share your
    dim view of the 2 party system, especially when the bottom line for
    either side is $$$$$.
    I would add,however,that when I expressed reservations about Obama
    [for whom I planned to vote anyway,and did] because of his having been
    tarred with the brush of being employed by Goldman-Sachs[the owner,BTW,
    of the school where both my friend and I used to teach],she forwarded
    me a story an article from the Wall Street Journal which told that
    while G.-S.was one of Obama’s biggest supporters in his first campaign,
    in the 2012 election,they were some of his biggest detractors.

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