Who Does This Tennessee Lesbian Couple Think Burned Their House Down? The Homophobic Neighbor

Ever since lesbian couple of 15 years Carol Ann and Laura Stutte moved from Oklahoma into their Vonore, Tennessee, home (outside Knoxville) in June 2005, they say their neighbor has been tormenting them with anti-gay harassment. Threats of poisoning their dogs (one of which died allegedly after eating meat the neighbor fed it). Trespassing. Looking through their windows. Claims the Stuttes could be “killed … right then” and nobody would ever find out about it, thanks to friends on the police force. And then you’ll recall last September, while on vacation and a month after deciding to sell their home in move, the couple was alerted their home was burned down, the word “queers” painted on their garage, and their trailer vandalized. They suspect their neighbor, obviously, and now they’re launched a lawsuit, claiming “trespassing and conversion, intentional infliction of emotional distress and malicious harassment.”

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  • kokhar

    Awful business.
    The fact that those neighbors aren’t already in jail for hate crime just shows you how in some sections of the country, the government is systematically committed to discrimination against gay peple to the point of genocide.

  • Shannon1981

    That’s the south for ya. I hope they are ok and they win their lawsuit.

  • Kev C

    They avoided naming the neighbor for legal reasons but we don’t have to. It’s Janice K. Millsaps of Vonore, TN.

  • Cam

    @Kev C: Thank you for pointing out that the neighbor was Janice K. Millsaps of Vonore, TN.

    I hope that they bankrupt her for what she did to them.

  • divkid

    thank you for being careful not to reveal the neighbour’s name as >>>Janice K. Millsaps of Vonore, TN<<<.

    i'd really hate for her to suffer any indignity, or risk her being the target of a concerted effort to make *her* life a misery.

    i REALLY would hate that.

    oh yeees.

  • Francis

    Great, now her name is known. Payback is a bitch.

  • Shannon1981

    Hey all you southern queers, now we know who this bitch is! Don’t do anything illegal, but we can make her life hell.

  • Oh Boy

    I can’t fathom the suffering these women went through. And the terror they must have felt every day.

    If it is true that this Janice Millsaps woman did this. I hope she gets it back 10 fold. To kill someone’s dog, much less hurt an innocent animal – this Janice piece of garbage doe snot deserve to walk the Earth. She is a waste of oxygen.

  • Shannon1981

    Janice K. Millsaps. The victims cannot spread her name around the net,but we can. She is a hate mongering bigot, who has killed an innocent animal, and burned down the house of innocent people.

  • Hopeless Romantic... No, Wait. Just Hopeless

    Anyone that intentionally kills an innocent animal is automatically a deranged lunatic.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Why didn’t they shoot her, when she first trespassed on their property?

  • Nathan

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Not everyone here down South is a trespasser shooting gun nut.

    Believe it or not, Monroe County is not that bad for gays. 90% of people, even if not approving, are at least tolerant. That other, vocal 10% gives everyone a bad name. I hope they throw the book at Janice Millsaps, it takes a real coward to do what she did. She is a disgrace to the region.

  • GeriHew

    I was thinking it was probably a woman when the reports and the couple kept referring to the Neighbor using the singular “they” and “them”.

  • Brooke

    After living in the area for quite some time, I’m surprised it didn’t occur to them that Vonore is the one of the worst places to live for anybody, let alone us gays.

  • Patricia

    I’ am disguted how some people have no life whatsoever that they decide to ruin others. To make it worse the lack of interest of the authorities to help this couple is just horrible, if it had been a hetero pair the problem would of been solved long ago. Good luck to the couple. To that small brained bitched Janice K. Millsaps and complices, I hope you suffer three times as bad for all the crimes you have committed. A death of a small dog and the memories of their family. Homophobic idiots mind your own business.

  • Wahya73

    @Kim: Kim, vultures never apologize

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