Who Wants to Go On a Group Tour of Israel With Michael Lucas?

Even after reading the lengthy description of porn entrepreneur Michael Lucas’ latest business endeavor, where he’ll host a group travel tour of Israel, his favorite-ist place on earth, we’re still not sure whether the $4,799 price tag (link possibly NSFW) includes any of Lucas’ famed proselytizing against Palestine. Which, let’s be honest, would be worth that price alone even without a Lucas-hosted jaunt to the Dead Sea! So what can we expect from the Lucas Brand™ excursion?

Well for one, don’t think you and the 20 lucky participants are getting some schmucky Israel tourist-y package here, folks.

Don’t get me wrong: this is not your average tourist vacation. For example, I will not take you nor will I send you to any tourist restaurants! We will eat only the finest authentic Israeli cuisine preferred by the locals, and I will organize a dinner for whomever is interested with some of the top Lucas Entertainment performers, like Jonathan Agassi and Naor Tal!

And certainly don’t think you won’t have a chance to get naked with Mr. Lucas himself!

I’ll also be sure to take you to one of my favorite beaches, hidden far away from the overcrowded coastal scene: Gaash Beach. This is the premiere clothing-optional beach in Tel-Aviv known only to insiders. You can feel free to lie in the sun as nude as you’d like, enjoy the ocean, or feel free to watch any number of hot guys have sex up and down the shore! I have traveled all around the world and never encountered a beach like this one.

Oh hey, and it’s just in time to go up against the luxury travel package just announced by Steele Travel and NYC nightlife impresario Josh Wood. Competition!

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