Why Are Tea Partiers Sending Liberal Democrats These Gay Hebrew Bracelets?

I thought those Silly Bandz bracelets — the ones that Neil Patrick Harris is so fond of — were sold in shapes of farm animals and fruits and vegetables, not the typical circle that those awful Livestrong bracelets are molded into? But apparently they are! Or at least the ones being sent to liberals by at least Tea Party group are, now available in in homosexual rainbow colors and featuring Hebrew scribblings.

I’m as confused as Wonkette as to why conservatives, apparently “the most misunderstood, misrepresented and slandered members of society today,” are distributing this merch to liberal Democrats, but apparently it’s propaganda to help lefties see where uber-right-wingers are coming from, and what doesn’t say “understanding” than gay Hebrew accessories?

Whew, luckily there is some paperwork explaining all of this!

In the back of my mind, I have a feeling these aren’t your run of the mill Silly Bandz, but rather contain some of the same mystical ionic adornments athletes swear by.

That also exhibit mind control!