Why Are Tea Partiers Sending Liberal Democrats These Gay Hebrew Bracelets?

I thought those Silly Bandz bracelets — the ones that Neil Patrick Harris is so fond of — were sold in shapes of farm animals and fruits and vegetables, not the typical circle that those awful Livestrong bracelets are molded into? But apparently they are! Or at least the ones being sent to liberals by at least Tea Party group are, now available in in homosexual rainbow colors and featuring Hebrew scribblings.

I’m as confused as Wonkette as to why conservatives, apparently “the most misunderstood, misrepresented and slandered members of society today,” are distributing this merch to liberal Democrats, but apparently it’s propaganda to help lefties see where uber-right-wingers are coming from, and what doesn’t say “understanding” than gay Hebrew accessories?

Whew, luckily there is some paperwork explaining all of this!

In the back of my mind, I have a feeling these aren’t your run of the mill Silly Bandz, but rather contain some of the same mystical ionic adornments athletes swear by.

That also exhibit mind control!

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  • Mike L.

    I think these are intended to “take” back the rainbow or something for their guad or something. Anythign comming from them is no without a bad intent especially if it’s being sent out to liberal dems.

  • Rando

    Well the Tea Party better get someone else, because I’m keeping the rainbow. I like it. It shows non-exclusivity. Which the tea party is severely lacking.

  • Rick Brannon

    Teabaggery is wingnuttery.

  • Ted Rodrigues

    Means something like “divine prescense”. Hard to tell exactly without context.

  • toyotabedzrock

    I think the Hebrew will appear to be Arabic to most Tea Partiers.

  • Fitz

    The whole Tea Bagger thing reminds me very much of a minority, nationalistic, right wing “for the people” party from Germany in 1920. No one took them too seriously, as they were just a handful of fringe low-class malcontents. And then they did.

  • LALAcleveland

    Can I get one of those?! They are so cute!

  • Jeffree

    What “liberal” recipient would actually wear a gift from the Tea Party?

  • Steve

    Another instance of not knowing what stuff means. First they call themselves teabaggers without realizing what it means (and get all huffy when their ignorance is mocked). Now they try out rainbows without knowing that’s our flag. What next? A National White Party?

    But Fitz is right. I’m already planning escape routes in case they really do win power.

  • Gary B.

    Boy these people really need to get a hobby like fantasy baseball or coin collecting or limbo dancing or something…

  • alan brickman

    Remember….Gays stole the rainbow from Hippies….from Hippies man!!!


    I remember reading somewhere that persons with extremely low intelligence are quite attracted to very colorfull objects…..

  • declanto

    @alan brickman: Don’t be jealous, dude!

  • B

    No surprise – the extreme right wing has always thought that communists, Jews, and gays kind of go together.

  • fuzz

    What does the Hebrew say? Is it the same as the English text?

  • B

    No. 15 · fuzz wrote, “What does the Hebrew say? Is it the same as the English text?” It doesn’t seem to be the same, and apparently means “called”. With much effort, not knowing Hebrew, I found
    and the spelling looks identical to the bracelet. The URL has a translation.

    To find it, I used, which has the Hebrew Unicode assignments, and then typed it into a terminal window (tricky because I found I had to type it backwards due to Hebrew’s right-to-left order). Then I pasted the Hebrew into the Google search box.

    You should give me a “net blow job” for the effort (as opposed to a real one), but I’ll settle for a “net beer”.

  • B

    More on the Hebrew version:
    claims it means “the dwelling or settling, and is used to denote the dwelling or settling presence of God.”

    Words often have multiple meanings, so I’m not sure which is intended (or whether the people who wrote the material I found know what they are talking about).

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