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Why Club Owners Will Ban Gay Male Couples On New Year’s Eve By Default

Are you a homosexual man looking to ring in the New Year at your local megaclub? Then I hope you’ll be joined by a couple of fag hags, or your favorite lesbian wingwomen, because otherwise you’re going to have a hard time getting past the rope line with another dude.

Club rules apply to everybody. We don’t categorise people on the basis of their sexual preferences. If two men want to enter, they won’t be allowed because they are stags and can create problems. There is no way to distinguish a gay couple from straight men. We don’t mind giving couple entry to two girls.

—Mohit Jain, proprietor of Delhi nightclubs Freeze and Jynxxx in India, whose entry policy will only segregate gay men from the rest of the New Year’s Eve crowd

Our policy clearly states that only male-female couples can enter. Stags are not allowed, with the exception of men who may accompany a group of couples.

—Deepali Narula of F Bar and Lounge agrees