Why Does The American Family Association Hate Brandon Howse So Much?

Even though religious conservative Brannon Howse shares similar views on abortion and homosexuality as the anti-gay hate group the American Family Association, the AFA doesn’t want any mention of Howse on their radio station after he criticized the AFA for sponsoring Rick Perry’s presidential kickoff prayer rally, an event that featured adherents of the New Apostolic Reformation, a group of fundamentalists who believe in absolute theocracy and that the Democratic Party “is controlled by Jezebel and three lesser demons.”

So let us get this straight: Howes is apparently OK with calling gay people Satanic incestuous pedophiles, but thinking that demons run the executive branch… well, that’s just nuts!

The AFA sent e-mails to John Loeffler and Todd Friel—two friends and supporters of Howse who also happen to have shows on the AFA’s radio station—basically saying that if they ever mention him again, they’re off the air. Loeffler has basically quit, but no word on Friel.

We love it when the crazies begin excluding one another for not being crazy enough.

Image via Slacktavist