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Why Is Gay Inc. Giving Less Cash Than Ever To Political Candidates?

Donations to political candidates (of any party) from LGBT organizations has taken a hit this year, reports The Center for Responsive Politics and, with cash trafficking to federal candidates hitting just $744,040 so far this year, compared to $2 million in 2006 and $1.8 million in 2008. And guess who’s responsible for 85 percent of that giving? The Human Rights Campaign.

How to explain the decrease in donations? No, not because there are fewer candidates deserving of the cash (professional liar Rep. Mark Kirk got $2k for his Senate bid!), but because almost every organization is seeing its budget dwindle as its own pool of donors hold back.

After all, HRC still blows its wad on Democrats who stonewall on LGBT equality issues. After peaking at $1,294,504 to Dems and $52,789 to GOP ballers in 2008, Joe Solmonese and David Smith still found $646,500 $18,838 for candidates, respectively, this year.