Why Is Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley Suddenly In Support of Same-Sex Marriage?

Is Maryland’s Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley suddenly on board with legalizing same-sex marriage there? The Catholic governor, who’s up for re-election in November, last year criticized D.C.’s Catholic Church for threatening to yank its social services programs upon the legalization of same-sex marriage. Is he finally ready to hold himself to a similar standard?

“I don’t have a crystal ball to predict how this goes,” O’Malley today told WTOP radio, “but I do know this: I know the people of our state well enough that for all of the differences and diversities of backgrounds and opinions, that all of us want to find a way to craft our laws in such a way that it treats people equally under the law.” And while O’Mally thinks civil unions for gays are good enough, “should the legislature find a way to reach that compromise in another way, I would sign a bill like that … we need to find a way to support equal rights, and that is true when it comes to committed gay and lesbian couples and the unions in which they choose to enter and raise children and all the issues that go with that.”

Is that a change of course? Not according to his spokesman Shaun Adamec, who insists O’Malley has always said he’d sign a gay marriage bill if it reached his desk. Which, huh, might not be entirely accurate. Last year he voiced support for recognizing other states’ marriage laws, but thus far he’s been a civil union guy.

O’Malley heads into November facing Robert Leroy Ehrlich Jr., who’s very firm on his support of marriage discrimination.

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  • Hank

    He’s a hottie – nice guns for a governor based on pics I’ve seen.

  • hephaestion

    O’Malley is easily the sexiest governor to ever rule a state in the US. Without a shirt, he could be a porn star were he so inclined! Maryland will be in deep shit if his Republican opponent, Bob Ehrlich, wins. This CAN NOT happen! O’Malley must win!

  • Tim W

    The reason he has changed position is because he is in a very tight race and he needs all the votes he can get. Second he knows the odds of a marriage bill coming to his desk. Even though our legislative is 75-80% Democrat many are also Catholics and tend to be socially conservative. Such a shame. O’Malley is better than Ehrlich who vetoed a hospital visitation bill and equal taxation bill while governor which O’Malley signed when it came to his desk.
    O’Malley was hot but saw him at our state fair and didn’t look healthy. He has been known to come to the Pride festival in his tight black sleeveless shirt to show it off.

  • Skeptical Cicada

    I don’t want a governor who shows off his arms at a pride parade. I want a governor who fights for full–full–equality.

    He’s not it. Erlich won’t sign anything, but O’Malley won’t fight for anything and thus will never be in a position to sign anything anyway.

    I see no practical reason for gays and lesbians to bother voting in this race. Either way, they’ll get nothing in the end.

    This is a perfect opportunity to boycott the Democratic Party and demand full inclusion.

  • alan brickman

    he’s not pro gay….he’s just pro-vote!!! Just like Gavin Newson….

  • nineinchnail

    Coz he wants gay people the equal opportunity to the misery of marriage that heterosexuals enjoy?

  • Drew

    Aside from being totally hot, O’Malley has been a great governor overall. Ehrlich was a failure prior terms. Erhlich nearly drove this most affluent state in the union into financial ruin. O’Malley restored bond ratings and achieved much including the best public schools in the nation. As a gay voter I look at the big picture. Ehrlich was a train wreck before, we can gain more ground with O’Malley regardless of his motives.

  • Aplus

    Well lets get it down to him needing votes, regardless we want you to win…

  • tjr101

    Maryland is getting even more liberal by the hour. O’Malley knows what’s in his best political interests and that’s supporting same-sex marriage.

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