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Why Is The BBC Inviting Hate Leaders Like Stephen Green To Comment On Elton John’s New Fatherhood?

Like CNN, sometimes the BBC has trouble differentiating between “representing both sides of a story” and “endorsing bigotry as a reasonable viewpoint.” And it’s not just in their online polls. With news of Elton John and David Furnish welcoming a baby boy via surrogate, the government-backed British broadcaster invited noted hate leader Stephen Green, of the group Christian Voice, to tell reporter Lizo Mzimba why it’s abhorent for two gay men to raise a child: “This isn’t just a designer baby for Sir Elton John, this is a designer accessory … Now it seems like money can buy him anything, and so he has entered into this peculiar arrangement … The baby is a product of it. A baby needs a mother and it seems an act of pure selfishness to deprive a baby of a mother.” This is the same guy who supports Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill, who ridicules ruby star Gareth Thomas for encouraging gay children to be true to themselves, and attempted to sue, uh, the BBC over its airing of the “blasphemous” Jerry Springer: The Opera. If ever there were a reason to make use of the BBC’s (completely fake) five-minute “gay delay”, this was it.

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  • dvlaries

    Because in our lazy era, sweat and hard work real journalism will always take a backseat to easy shit stirring. BBC, CNN, certainly Fox, the big three …all of them.

  • Daez

    Is he so wrong? Like it or not this is a fashion accessory for Elton and his man. They should have gotten a puppy, but to Elton it was probably just as easy to buy a baby.

    Where he is incorrect is “the every baby needs a mother” line. While I do believe that every baby needs feminine and masculine influences, that influence does not need bear relation.

    Plus, in the case of Elton and his man, it might be masculine influence that is lacking.


    Proves the US doesn’t have the monopoly on vile, disgusting, reprehensive, scumbags who are so very insecure in their own sexuality that they make it a lifes crusade to have an opinion on all things Gay……………….

    “Lizo Mzimba” sounds like what a thouroughly sloshed Liza Minelli would utter when asked her name……….. :p

  • jason

    The BBC is a disgusting, vile organization with poor standards of journalism. The people who run the BBC have previously been shown to pander to African homophobia. Perhaps it’s time to scrap the BBC by pulling its funding.

  • Tallskin

    @Jason -“Perhaps it’s time to scrap the BBC by pulling its funding.”

    Jason, are you an idiot? Have you seen the USA’s news coverage, it’s wall to wall Fox news with Rupert Murdoch and Murdoch clones running everything, and dictating what their brown nosing journalists will say, or cover.

    For evidence of this witness the recent media silence on 9/11 rescue services health fund, blocked by the republicans and which NO news organisation mentioned until jon stewart of the daily show made it a big issue! No, the US model of media organisation is a disgrace.

    No, don’t abolish the BBC, that’s the view of an unthinking Daily Mail reader- rather insist it stop being so homophobic and appeasing the homophobic ethnic minorities.

    I am very critical of the BBC like every other gay UK resident but the BBC can be breathtakingly good. It it were abolished that would be catastrophe.

    I think what happened here is that some ditsy, badly educated entertainment editor, decided that they had to have ‘balance’ on the Elton John piece and they invited a christian fascist on to give his view. I bet this ditsy entertainment editor is going to squirming over the next few weeks as this firestorm of complaints mounts.

    If you want to complain then do by following the link I attach

  • Just a thought...

    No need to stifle debate. That’s a chump thing to do.

  • robert in NYC

    No. 5. Tallskin…I so agree with your statement. The BBC for all its faults is the most emulated broadcasting company in the world with more foreign correspondents and some native Brits who can go to virtually any country in the world and conduct an interview in the language of the country they are in. There aren’t any that I know of in the U.S. media corporations. Plus, the caliber of journalists the BBC employs are by contrast far more knowledgeable about world affairs. Just listen to their command of language for starters.

    To digress slightly, I don’t see people of the Stephen Green ilk both in the UK and the US decrying single mothers or widows whose children have no apparent male influences in the upbringing of their children. He doesn’t rail against them by insisting they should be married and neither do arch-bigots such as Ratzinger and other right wing religious leaders.

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