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Why Is The BBC Inviting Hate Leaders Like Stephen Green To Comment On Elton John’s New Fatherhood?

Like CNN, sometimes the BBC has trouble differentiating between “representing both sides of a story” and “endorsing bigotry as a reasonable viewpoint.” And it’s not just in their online polls. With news of Elton John and David Furnish welcoming a baby boy via surrogate, the government-backed British broadcaster invited noted hate leader Stephen Green, of the group Christian Voice, to tell reporter Lizo Mzimba why it’s abhorent for two gay men to raise a child: “This isn’t just a designer baby for Sir Elton John, this is a designer accessory … Now it seems like money can buy him anything, and so he has entered into this peculiar arrangement … The baby is a product of it. A baby needs a mother and it seems an act of pure selfishness to deprive a baby of a mother.” This is the same guy who supports Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill, who ridicules ruby star Gareth Thomas for encouraging gay children to be true to themselves, and attempted to sue, uh, the BBC over its airing of the “blasphemous” Jerry Springer: The Opera. If ever there were a reason to make use of the BBC’s (completely fake) five-minute “gay delay”, this was it.