Why Is Walmart Selling Janice Barrett Graham’s Ex-Gay Parenting Book?

We already know Walmart is no friend to the gays, but do they have to actively peddle ex-gay therapy to shoppers?

Though I’ve yet to spot anyone on People Of Walmart snapping it up, the book Chased by an Elephant, the Gospel Truth about Today’s Stampeding Sexuality is available for purchase at over 100 Walmart stores. Authored by Janice Barrett Graham (better known as the wife of Stephen Graham, president of the “LDS-oriented” group Standard of Liberty, which “exists to raise awareness of radical sexual movements overrunning America’s Christian-moral-cultural life”), the book aims to “shed the clear light of truth on today’s dark and tangled ideas about male and female, proper gender roles, the law of chastity, and the God-given sexual appetite.”

It also touches upon Stephen and Janice’s son Andrew — a proud ex-gay who’s written his own tome — described in the book as securing “his subsequent deliverance and healing through family support, expert professional counseling, truth, and repentance through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.”

It’s described as a “MUST READ” by the S.A. Lifeline Foundation (Mission: “Delivering a message of hope that recovery from pornography addiction is possible”), which is where I go for all my children’s book recommendations.

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  • Theresa

    The book sounds awful and full of lies. But to be fair, it’s not a children’s book. It is a guidebook for parents.

  • Polyboy

    So it’s a manual for murdering gay young people from the inside out.


    Included is a lengthy introduction by expert on “overcoming homosexuality”……..Nice timing you miserable rotten yellow teeth cunt. How many Gay teens recently in despair thought the only way to “overcome homosexuality” was by killing themselves recently because scum like you and yours refuse to accept that we are born Gay and have no more choice than having blue eyes or brown hair? And you continue to spew your vile rhetoric upon these kids telling them their “lifestyle” is wicked and “immoral”.

    No one chooses to be Gay, yet you and your miserable family did chose to be vile, pandering, hatespewing bigots…… …..

    I am so very sure we can find your “ex-Gay” son at any local cruise area being barebacked gulping down cum on any given night…….

  • Sug Night

    One look at her stanky mug and I thought the title should be “He Aint Heavy, He’s My Brother: The Perils of Inbreeding”….

  • gilber

    according to her twisted mind i’m going to stop being a sodomite for the sake of turning myself into a lesbian,on top of that, have sexual appetites toward body parts that are not even found in my own body such as tits and clitoris,labias not to say the secretions and pus.all foreign to the male genetic and sexual make up. artificial sexual belonging and turning a sexual inversion and disparity into those conditions only had by equivalent couples are not a good and intelligent thing to has nasty very nasty consequences at all levels,physical,mental,spiritual and moral.forcing people from another distinct and separated organic group into absorbing and consuming each other inverse sexuality is an immorality and a perversion.sexual “hermafroditization” of males and females in order to get them into kinky sexual acts,such as oral sex to foreign body parts has been done by human civilizations throughout the ages,the very system depends on this sort of macabre sexual deviancy,it teaches sexual crossing over.she needs to explain why the hell would a person that like what his partner also likes would change to a sexuality where one is disgusted by their own organs and forces the other not to be so.would something like this make sense?for instance why would a bisexual man be so willing to swallow vaginal secretions when those from the opposite group clearly say that this is DISGUSTING, (just ask my straight sister),are they masochists,don’t they have at least a bit of self respect? why contradicting the opposite sex opinion of their OWN sexual organs? it makes me think that they are trying to get mine because their has something inferior compared to mine and dump their unwanted stuff on me.mmmm?? i just don’t buy the whole heterosexual partner was married for five years until he kicked the bitch ass out of his house.she was living like a parasite consuming everything from him,his sexuality(sodomy),his money,his energy etc.ask my partner now what he thinks about heterosexuality and you will get a very good answer. behavioral theories of sexuality try to impose themselves over the physical ones,and homosexuals must be ready to clearly distinguish both.

  • Cam

    Her son is the Mormon guy who was sleeping with guys the entire time he was writing the book. It’s all about appearences..not reality. The Mormons could give evangelical christians tips on phony.

  • Jeremy

    I think anything with the phrase “proper gender roles” is something I’m staying far away from.

  • pete

    @gilber: What the hell drug are you on??

  • professor Moriarty

    this is amazing. I cant believe Wal Mart would include this in their book selection.

  • Kevin

    Next thing you know, they’re actually going to register homosexuality as a disease and try to come up with a “drug” that’s “guaranteed to cure it”.

    What about lesbians, though? You don’t see anyone ragging on them.

  • Mathias

    welp, that book isnt good for me then, i like liking guys. sorry walmart but i will give that one a miss

  • hephaestion

    Go to and write a review of her anti-gay book. The first 2 reviews of it both give it 5 stars, which could lead the innocent to believe it is a good book.

  • nelson

    Talk about a meth face.

  • Michael

    It took me a while, but I found the book. It’s over on the tooth paste aisle.

  • Ritorna

    She’s a Mormon, isn’t she? So why would anyone want to read a book by someone who reads stuff translated from golden tablets written in “reformed Egyptian” that were given by an angel to a treasure hunter who translated them into English by sticking his head into a hat? I mean, if she believes in the Book of Mormon, what can she possibly say that would be of interest to rational people?

  • Joe

    if she wants America to deal properly with their “God-given sexual appetites” she only needs to let people take a look at her picture. That would drive off ANY sexual hunger.

  • Rob

    look at her kd lang hair. I’m confused already.

  • the crustybastard

    I couldn’t place that face, then it hit me:


  • Franklin

    Another dangerous and deadly bully with blood on her hands.

  • Kat

    @Kevin: no one rags on lesbians because girl-on-girl action is HAWT ;)

    Seriously, though, homosexuality was classed as a mental illness until the 1970s in the UK and was listed in some permutations in the American DSM until the 1980s. Trust the fundies to be 25-30 years behind the time scientifically…

  • MissLaWandaisBack

    is she an ex lesbian?

  • Daniel de Culla

    Lesbian/Gay makes the flowers grove and that’s beautiful . And You, Graham, when chased by an elephant fuck him, when not chased by an elephant, get chased in an elephant.

  • Frederick Carter

    Considering the recent epidemic of gay teen suicides, I think it’s appalling that Walmart would even sell a book like this. Please consider writing to Walmart’s Office of Diversity, at the address below, to urge Walmart to discontinue carrying this book.

    Ms. Cole Brown, V.P. & Chief Diversity Officer
    Walmart Home Office
    702 S.W. 8th Street
    Bentonville, AR 72716-8611

    P.S.-You may want to cc your letter to Walmart’s CEO, Michael Duke, at the same address.

  • samthor

    I don’t like the idea of censoring books. Even the stupid ones.
    i feel its better to publicity ridicule and correct the stupidity inside the book.
    don’t take it off the shelves, just make sure everyone knows it’s crap.

    like… make a flyer and put it inside every copy of the book at your local wal- mart. or put the flyer right next to it. … something like that

  • FlopsyMopsyCT

    I get so sick of this garbage against gay men and women. I am floored at how many people publicly share these opinions on child-rearing, bases of homosexuality, and other social issues affecting gay men and women without having any credentials to back up their work. I don’t know anything about this woman, but my first (and probably correct) guess would be that she is about as qualified to share an opinion on matters touched upon in the book as my mother. Don’t get me wrong, my mother is a great woman and has many great qualities that make for a great parent, but she is hardly an expert in such an area to be giving advice through a wide-sold book. Why do publishers and stores continue to give these people the proverbial microphone when, truly, they are not credible authority on matters they address? I think this is a real problem that needs to be more widely and loudly denounced. Really, when you get down to it, this woman is probably has the qualifications to speak on parenting as a one would find in a horse.

  • AL

    What a fugly woman!

  • Ryan

    @Cam: @Cam: That’s not even a picture of her, and her son never slept with any guys

  • Dave

    The writer of this book is just trying to protect children from this evil modern teaching that promotes rampant immorality. Even the government is promoting the gay life style in public schools to little children without the parents consent. Yet you can’t stand a private citizen releasing a book for sale to anyone who wants to buy it. Not forcing it on anyone.
    I guess the reason there is so much outrage is because you know deep down you are living contrary to what is good and right. Don’t be afraid because God will still forgive you if you repent.

  • Cassandra


    “The writer of this book is just trying to protect children from this evil modern teaching that promotes rampant immorality.”

    Like the 51% divorce rate of heterosexuals? Or the high rate of infidelity and cheating by heterosexuals, the flood of heterosexual porn on tv, the news, in commercials, and on the internet, as heterosexual sex is used to sell everything from republican politicians like Sarah Palin, to tires and laxatives.

    Or how about the rampant immorality of greed and injustice?

    See, while you claim that homosexuality is immoral, the very prejudice you are spewing up on our lives, is itself immoral. Inequality is immoral, Dave. Your post is immoral.

    “Even the government is promoting the gay life style”

    There is no gay lifestyle. The government is not promoting homosexuality, that would be ridiculous because homosexuality is not a choice. However, in your immorality, you are promoting the hetero-sexist egomaniac lifestyle.

    “Yet you can’t stand a private citizen releasing a book for sale to anyone who wants to buy it.”

    You would not tolerate a book telling lies about you, why should we tolerate a book telling lies about us?

    “I guess the reason there is so much outrage is because you know deep down you are living contrary to what is good and right.”

    Don’t worry, your speculation applies to you as well – you are outraged because you know deep down that your behavior here is immoral, your prejudice against is immoral, your persecution and harassment of millions is immoral. You are sinning against millions with your immorality, Dave.

    Why not repent? Why not surrender your ego, which makes you want to run the lives of millions of people, surrender that nasty little voice screaming ‘me, me, me’ to God?

    “Don’t be afraid because God will still forgive you if you repent.”

    But, you have to repent, Dave. Your immorality requires repentance. Because, while homosexuality is not immorality, it is not sin, injustice and slander and libel are sins, they are injustice, and you have much to repent of.

    Please do so.

  • Sokina

    Being gay is a lifestyle choice. And of course religious Zealots like her and “Dave” know a ton about forcing their lifestyles on others. I’m sure your God would enjoy the fact that you’re treating your fellow men and women as such. Books like this, and all the bullshit about gayness being a “Disease” is what drives some people to commit suicide. Does your God want that, Dave? Of course you wouldn’t know. I’m sure you contact your God regularly about the “Gay Epidemic” but let me tell you this.

    If I ever see you or Janice looking at me funny, you better run as fast as you can, pray your ass off, and HOPE God’ll help you.

    If not, the last words you’ll hear will be “Where’s your God now?”

  • Cassandra


    “Being gay is a lifestyle choice.”

    No, it is not.

    One chooses to be honest, or not, regardless of one’s sexual orientation or any other trait.

    One chooses to live authentically, or not, regardless of one’s sexual orientation or any other trait.

    One chooses to be loving, responsible and trustworthy, or not, regardless of one’s sexual orientation or any other trait.

    And so on.

  • Aaron

    “Like the 51% divorce rate of heterosexuals?”

    This statistic is false, and unfortunately often spouted.

    I am amazed at the intolerance and bigotry displayed in these comments (not to mention threats of violence and murder). Incredible how people can demand tolerance and acceptance while utterly refusing to show any themselves.

    And yes, that is not a picture of the author. This website’s credibility is as faulty as it is full of hypocrisy.

  • Jacob

    Number one that’s not even a picture of her. Number two she was not an ex-lesbian, but she did have to deal very closely with someone who was struggling with homosexuality. In her book she is merely trying to teach children about serious adult matters in a way they would understand. The person she had to deal closely with overcame his struggles. It is something that you can overcome. It’s not bashing gays…that’s not the point. The point is to teach children that being homosexual is wrong, but if you have those feelings it is never too late. That is something she believes, and I agree with her.

  • Jacob

    @Cam: Where in the hell did you get that information? do you know the author, or her son? Have you read her other books? You totally just pulled that out of your gay butt. I personally don’t know them either, but I’ve read “My darling from the Lions” and nowhere in there did he sleep with other guys. He just struggled with feelings.

  • Jeffree

    @Jacob: Even the people who push “reparative therapy” agree that they can’t get gay people to become straight. All they can do is reduce same-sex behavior, not same-sex attraction.

    In short, they’re as successful as someone would be if they tried to make you gay.

    You need to research the science behind sexuality. Your knowledge seems to stop about 1965.

  • Aaron

    There’s so much hypocrisy and hate and even mortal threats on here, it’s just amazing. Not really surprising, though.

    @Jeffree: That’s just not true. There are many experts who believe that sexuality is fluid and changeable, even the most pro-gay scientists haven’t been able to confirm or agree that there are any genetic or biological causes. You shouldn’t go around stating flat-out lies so very authoritatively, especially when you make no effort to back them up.

    On one thing you’re right, though: Going from straight to gay is as possible as going from gay to straight. There are success stories everywhere, even if you’re too blind or stubborn to actually look into the subject.

    Maybe you’re the one who needs to do research. Your knowledge seems to stop at about MTV.

  • The sane Francis

    Oh look, a full ex-gay commission trying to validate their existences and “therapies” have jumped on this thread.

    For starters, being a “homosexual” is not wrong. That’s #1, #2, and #3. Teaching kids it is wrong to be gay is destructive and 1000% counter-productive to ANY sort of mental and social health. Next, no, there are zero success stories of ex-gays. There are ZERO success stories of something that is fundamentally wrong, fundamentally impossible, and fundamentally debase. Ex-gays do not call themselves straight, because they are not straight. Ex-gays are gays who don’t live as gay, which is basically akin to apples not living as apples, but instead as oranges. An apple is still an apple, and the analogy applies here. You can live or not live as a gay person, you can not have gay sex, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t gay. There are ZERO studies backing up ex-gay therapy. There are ZERO studies that say sexuality is changeable. There are ZERO studies saying that sexuality is anything but based on biological/genetic/hormonal/individual-specific environmental factors. Fluidity of sexual orientation has nothing to do with GAY people who are GAY and trying to be something other than what they are. The suicide rate in the ex-gay community is EXTREMELY high. 90% of ex-gays have same-sex intercourse within TWO YEARS after their “therapy sessions.”

    Alan Chambers, the head honcho of the ex-gay movement, himself said he is STILL gay and that you CANNOT CHANGE your sexuality. If Alan Chambers says it, it’s true. If the man who has led his whole life trying to deny who he is admits that he will never be straight and will always be gay, then that’s the way it is. So obviously, instead of fighting it, the correct response is figuring out WHY you hate yourself for being gay and change your mentality of your gayness, instead of trying to change something that isn’t a problem.

    Ex-gays ask for tolerance when they speak ill of the gay community at every turn, and lie at any opportunity to push a self-loathing agenda and brainwash others like they have been brainwashed themselves. There is no struggle or anything to overcome in the eyes of well-adjusted gay people, and if you ex-gays were TRULY secure in who you were, you wouldn’t try to FORCE yourselves onto people who are not buying what you’re selling. You are all DESPERATE for validation you aren’t going to get. If you choose to commit egregious actions, expect consequences.

  • Aaron

    You’re quite wrong, but you have a right to be. It must be dark where you are, with those blinders on. Talk about brainwashed, a self-loathing agenda and desperate for validation. Have a nice night.

  • The sane Francis

    Actually, Aaron, I’m not wrong. And just dismissing me and everyone else with “they are all wrong” only gets you so far. Instead of everyone else being wrong, maybe it’s you Aaron who is wrong. Oh, and my life isn’t dark, I accept myself for who I am and so does my family and friends. I actually pity you, Aaron, I can’t imagine the pain and trauma you must have been through that has turned you into what you have become. But when you live a life of excuses and make yourself a victim, I don’t expect anything less than catty behavior and complete delusion. It’s just very sad to see fellow gays doing these things to themselves for absolutely no good reason.

  • Jeffree

    @TheSaneFrancis: That was a masterful rebuttal. It probably fell on deaf ears for the intended person, but you no doubt helped other people think about the issue. Thanks!

  • Aaron

    Masterful? I thought it was actually pretty empty, totally predictable and full of clichés and buzzwords that by now are more or less meaningless. Since when does “Nuh-uh, YOU’RE wrong!” qualify as any kind of “rebuttal”? I guess it’s all about perspective. Really I was trying to diffuse the idiotic and circular conversation, deeming this venue unworthy of explaining why and how I feel the way I do about this subject, but if “just dismissing [him] and everyone else with ‘they are all wrong’ only gets you so far,” imagine how stagnating it is when you just throw it back? It’s basically a juvenile schoolyard tactic, the old “I am rubber, you are glue” trick. Bravo! Masterful indeed… In truth, I wouldn’t even have responded, since still no actual evidence has been presented against my point (which it cannot, since it does not exist), and no valid argument has been made, but the sycophancy and ingratiating self-back-patting that followed couldn’t go unchecked.

    The point here is that this article is still utterly hypocritical and pretty revealing, not to mention bogus, for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that the photo is not even of the author. Even if it were, how petty and shallow that most of the comments have resorted to mocking this poor woman’s very appearance.

  • The sane Francis

    What’s really shallow is going out of your way to try to “change” your immutable sexual orientation because you are desperate for validation and acceptance from everyone but yourself. That’s really fucking shallow. What’s really ridiculous is painting yourself as a victim and crucifying everyone who doesn’t buy the bullshit you sell. What’s really childish is thinking that “I’m right because I say I’m right” actually holds any sway in an debate with adults.

  • Aaron

    Empty again, very easily turned around, and undocumented claims (“Immutable” — Proof?), not to mention vulgar. Disappointing, but not surprising.

  • greenmanTN

    Since Ms Graham is “better known as the wife of Stephen Graham, president of the “LDS-oriented” group Standard of Liberty, which “exists to raise awareness of radical sexual movements overrunning America’s Christian-moral-cultural life,” it’s more likely the people coming here are adherents of the Beta version of Scientology, aka The Mormon Church. Though what they’d know about “America’s Christian-moral-cultural life” is a mystery to me since convicted con-man Joseph Smith merely used Christianity as a jumping-off place for his interplanetary fantasy novel and long-range con game.

    It’s useless arguing with them because they’re brainwashed, as cults are wont to do.

    Citing study after scientific study is useless because it can’t possibly compare to the magical words Smith pulled out of his ass not long after being convicted for scamming people out of money by using “seeing stones” to find buried treasure on their property. That the “Book Of Mormon” had a similar genesis in him looking in his hat to read golden tablets no one else saw is no coincidence.

    As was shown by the Mormon Church rejecting polygamy in order to attain statehood for Utah or their rejecting racism in the nineteen-SEVENTIES in the face of public opinion and governmental policy changes, the LDS will once again be on the wrong end of civil and human rights until they’re forced to change or once again be perceived as odd and backward. It’s too bad that for one they couldn’t get ahead of the game instead of always being behind it, but hey, why ruin a perfect record of always being wrong?

    There’s compelling evidence the Mormons laundered church money through members in order to finance anti-gay political measures like Prop8, though getting them to admit it would be nearly impossible given their policy of “lying for the lord,” that lying to protect the church is A-OK. Based on just what we DO know their tax-exempt status should be stripped. If they want to be a political entity they should pay the ferryman like everybody else.

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