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Why A Certain October Weekend Is Super Important to Cleve Jones (Hint: It’s More Than a March)


When Cleve Jones descends on Washington D.C. for his National Equality March in October, he’ll be doing more than rallying gay rights supporters. The event, planned for the Oct. 10-11 weekend, will be a celebration of himself!

And that weekend does more than coincide with National Coming Out Day.

And it’s more than the date he picked in 2005 to move to Washington D.C. to helm a new AIDS quilt project. (He never did relocate.)

That weekend is also Cleve’s 55th birthday!

Indeed, when the haphazard march on Washington thing-y happens this fall, fibber and self-celebrator Cleve will be celebrating himself.

Oh, you’ll be there too.

(The Bay Area Reporter suggests Cleve’s birthday is Oct. 11. Wikipedia says it’s Oct. 10. Either way, it’s a weekend-long event this year!)