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Why the Leffews Are Now Raising 5 Kids

Bryan and Jay Leffew, with their kids Daniel and Selena, are our favorite vlogging family, and not just because they’re ardent LGBT equality types. Mostly, because they let us invade their personal lives! Through the good times and the bad times, we’ve been riding along with ’em. And now, a new chapter: They’ve got three new additions to their home.

Jay’s neice’s children — there’s 4-year-old Marcello, 2-year-old Jason, and 8-month-old Mary Fae — are joining the pack. But alas, you won’t be seeing them on camera, as they’ve joined the Leffew house in less than ideal terms: “Now my niece has gotten herself into some trouble and may lose one or all of her children. I haven’t had the best relationship with my niece over the past three years. She has decided that drugs are more important then the life that she is providing for her children. So, finally CPS has gotten involved and taken my nieces kids away. We have been approached to possibly take one or more into our home. Of course we can’t say no but have to make sure, what ever decision we make doesn’t impact our children in a negative way. Its going to be a wild couple weeks for the Leffews. Please be patient with us.”

We will!

But how about the state finding a gay family suitable to raise three kids not their own? And that’s after they were able to adopt Daniel and Selena?

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