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Why Won’t Producers Show This Mexican Soap Star’s Hot Gay Kissing?


It must be very difficult for a male actor to film kissing scenes with another dude only to have television producers leave all that footage on the cutting room when it decides to censor those scenes. But this is the world of Mexican telenovelas.

Jaime Camil stars in Los Existosos Pérez (The Successful Perez Family), where he plays a man hired to impersonate a television host who’s in a coma. Except that host’s marriage to a colleague is a sham; he’s actually gay. So Camil’s character has to deal with the host’s gay lover, played by Jose Ron. And there is kissing!

But producer Televisa refuses to air it, relays the blog Blabbeando. And Camil isn’t pleased!

Interviewed by a gossip show correspondent in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the telenovela is being shot, Camil said he was perplexed about several kissing scenes that had been shot between him and Jose Ron which were either edited out or shortened when televised [see YouTube video below].

“They are editing them for a reason [and] I still fail to comprehend why it is,” he says on camera, and ads that “it’s a bit frustrating, as an actor, to undertake a creative process [to create] a character and, suddenly, to have it cut off based on false morals or double standards that sometimes exist in Mexico.”

All the more ridiculous because, while Los Existosos Pérez‘s gay kissing is too scandalous during the 7pm hour, women running around in bikinis is just fine to broadcast in the afternoon.