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Why Won’t Sen. Jeff Sessions Support a DADT Policy For High School Locker Rooms?

Sen. Jeff Sessions doesn’t want to “add additional burden” to already over-stressed troops by forcing them to live with KNOWN HOMOSEXUALS, because continuing to send them into war zones is, like, rough y’all! But when asked by professional rabble-rouser Mike Stark — who gets off on asking politicians frank questions — whether that same policy should be adopted by schools nationwide, to keep straight athletes from “serving” with the peering eyes of gay teammates, Sessions responds that it’s a “free country” and “everybody has a right to go to school regardless of their sexual orientation,” while “the military’s different.” He’s right: In high school athletics, you fight to win; in the armed forces, you, uh, fight to lose? So confusing!

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  • Taylor Siluwé

    He ran away when the questions got steamy. Male wrestlers in those slick little singlets (and the occasional boner) was a little too much for Jeff.

  • Jeffree

    Sessions seems to forget that straight troops already *are* showering along side of gay ones –just like they did in school. Maybe he needs to study a little logical thinking?

  • chimmy

    now, you know how ultra violent them gays are, they’ll attack you in that locker room. Better not let them in that locker room, or their teammates will verbally, physically, and blatantly rape them. Don’t forget to tell them to bring guns to school, they just might need them. No sissies…yeah right!!

    Those gay people in the locker room just want to get changed and get the hell out of there. They might peek to see other boys, but if they get caught they get beaten up.

  • Robert

    Why Won’t Sen. Jeff Sessions Support a DADT Policy For High School Locker Rooms?

    Because he’s playing to a homophobic Republican Christian Fundamentalist constituency that would serve up his withered balls on a platter during the next election.

  • Alex

    The senator is clearly wrong, but I honestly don’t think that was the greatest of questions, because technically the military is different from high school and as long as is there some fallacious excuse to logically think of teh gays differently, people that dont get ‘it’ (people that are privleded as hell an dont know it) are gonna miss the point.

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