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Why You Should See Priscilla Queen of the Desert Despite The Harsh Broadway Critics

Did you hear Broadway managed to open another giant gay spectacle to outdo Xanadu in overt homoerotics? Priscilla Queen of the Desert, which required trips through Australia and London and Canada before finally arriving on Broadway, tells the tale of a bunch of drag queens making their way through the Aussie outback with a soundtrack that includes Madonna and The Weather Girls. The New York Times called it “monotonous and mechanical.” The New York Post says the cast trio’s chemistry is “lopsided.” But as Tony Sheldon (who originated the show), Tony Sheldon, and busty Nick Adams demonstrated on Friday’s Today show, the reason you’re going to buy orchestra tickets is to sing along to drag queen numbers somewhere other than a dive bar.

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  • merkin

    Its just bad all around: There is literally no creativity–the plot is from a movie and the songs are 1980s top 40. And its so rushed that there’s no emotion attached to anything. This is a musical for bachelorette parties, not gay men. (I was surrounded my middle-aged women shreiking to all the songs.) Its basically a minstrel show.

    Save your money and support REAL drag queens by hitting some of New York’s gay bars instead.

  • niles

    I hate drag – in bars or otherwise. Go ahead, take the gay card away, I don’t care.

  • Harbo

    I’ve seen it, and believe me, it should have stayed in Australia.

  • justiceontherocks

    It was a cute trifle of a movie. I’m glad the talented and attractive Nick Adams is on stage again. I only wish it was in something a lot better.

  • greg

    this sounds terrible! and looks awful.

  • Steve

    @niles: Me too. Despise it. How better to internalize the contempt of the straight world? Can’t we please put it behind us and get real? And yet another tatty juke-box musical? This might do for London but not New York.

  • Poodle McClure

    Nick Adams – one of the most overrated performers on Broadway

  • sam

    I don’t know what show y’all were watching, but its a) a fantastic movie and b) a fantastic stage show
    Maybe broadway’s version is crappier, but when I saw it in Melbourne it was amazing and hilarious. <3 more power to them!!

  • Paul

    So sad to hear this show is closing. I really really enjoyed it. Still time to see it before June 24th. I found a discount for $77 tix so I grabbed another ticket before closing. The code is BBOX9.

    You can enter it on the show’s Ticketmaster page

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