Will ABC Give Cheynne Jackson a Chance to Play Gay?

Originally called Family Values, ABC’s new comedy pilot It Takes a Village just inked Cheyenne Jackson, starring alongside Leah Remini, who will play the straight mom Karen of a 15-year-old boy, who she’s raising with Howard; Jackson will play Howard’s new boyfriend. (James Patrick Stuart will play Karen’s new husband). And with Modern Family in its stable, ABC really is working on reclaiming that “gay-friendly” network status after December’s Adam Lambert Is A Homosexual Who Kisses Men farcas.

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  • Cam

    Hopefully, but it would also be nice, if they hired an openly gay actor to play a straight guy with a hot wife….you know, because gays can act too. ;)

  • fredo777

    I was wondering what I most remembered James Patrick Stuart from + (funny enough) it was his turn as “Guy” on an old episode of Frasier, where he played the French gay guy who was part of a love-(triangle…quadrangle…octagon?) with just about everyone who was staying at the cabin chasing after someone else. And noone wanted Frasier.

  • hardmannyc

    They should hire a straight actor. Let Cheyenne play a straight guy. As anyone who saw Xanadu or Finian’s Rainbow knows, he plays very well against beautiful women.

    It’s called “acting,” people!

  • George

    I agree with Hardmannyc, he will get typecast and hollywood will only hire him to play gay parts. Also is this taping in NYC? I hope so, don’t want to lose him to THAT coast. :)

  • Abbysomething

    Both of the gay roles on this show are played by gay men. The gay couple is Christopher Seiber and Cheyenne (real life good friends for years). The straight couple is Leah Remini and Jason Patrick Stuart(both straight).

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