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Will Adam Shankman’s Sexuality Protect Him From Lapdancing With a 16-Year-Old Miley Cyrus?

[flv:http://tmz.vo.llnwd.net/o28/2010-05/11/051110_miley_cyrus_dancing_watermark_v2_video.flv http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/05/mileyshankboard.jpg 650 400]

And here it is. After last summer’s “scandal” showing Adam Shankman — the gay choreographer, film producer and So You Think You Can Dance judge — posing “provocatively” in Twitter pictures with Miley Cyrus, star of his picture The Last Song, there’s video of them slamdancing together. Uh oh?


The clip shows the pair at The Last Song‘s wrap party. Miley was 16 at the time, and her parents were, apparently, not in attendance. (Not that having Billy Ray around would keep the Cyrus girls from sexualized behavior.)

Naturally, this doesn’t look good for Shankman. He’s the one supposed to be the consummate professional and, in his 40s, not thrusting his pelvic region into the rear of a 16-year-old. That Shankman is gay might provide some cover: How could he be accused of acting dirty toward the underage starlet if he doesn’t even swing that way?

But there were “little kids” at the party; parents took them home because of their dancing, says RadarOnline‘s sources. Oh, and there’s a another video: “In a second clip to the video, Cyrus is seen giving Shankman a lap dance while children under the age of 10 sit less than five feet away.”

And while we’re sure everything was perfectly innocent, and just a display of a mature teen having a good time with her adult boss-cum-friend, let’s offer this bit of advice: Whether you’re gay or straight, do not engage in lap dances with minor children. Particularly when there’s alcohol involved. It will do no one, and no one’s career, any good.

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  • blake

    wait…. whats the big deal… most girls her age are giving blow j’s behind the dumpsters at the high school…………

  • Cam

    Ok, I have to give Miley Cyrus a break because this is a girl who came out in support of gay marriage, inspite of being the daughter of a country singer and having a large percentage of her audience being from more conservative families. The girl is helping to change minds, so much as I would love to give her crap for being Billy Ray’s daughter, or for wearing her shorts…..well too short. I have to say that I respect anybody that takes a bit of a risk career wise to help.

  • THeAwfulTruth

    What a creep he is a and a ho she is.

  • brihova

    I didn’t see you complaining when 17 year old Taylor Lautner was having his sexuality exploited for the financial gain of his big movie francise.

  • Jerome

    And no comment on the (I assume) lesbian who moves in on her on the dance floor?

  • fredo777

    I love Adam, but gay or not, grinding up on a minor is out of line. Get it together, Shanks.

  • a

    i love how all the people who read this website are such old queens
    I’m sure most of you remember how provocative Elvis was when he shook his hips on stage…

    lap dance? this is how we dance…

    leave Miley and my generation alone!

  • nikko

    BLAKE, two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Pip

    16 is the age of consent in many states, including the first American state to legalize gay marriage (Massachusetts). So, yeah, how about Queerty stops the puritanical moralizing.

  • oh


    wait giving head at 16 is wrong?


  • alan brickman

    he was obviously being sarcastic at the time….gosh people can’t have fun anymore….

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    Will his sexuality protect him from an allegation of wrongdoing, sure. And Miley is friendly to the community, and I’m sure this was just them having fun.

    Having said that, Adam is the adult. I can’t fathom why a forty year-old man who is a professional choreographer (and has probably worked with young people) thinks it’s ok to grind it up with a child. It’s actually kind of creepy.

  • Mike L.

    I think that if this was a 16 yo Lautner dancing with Ellen or Portia or some other lesbian woman there wouldn’t be such a big scene.

    But yet again women/girls are placed to a dif standard of acceptable vehaviour to men/boy.

    I think they were having fun, also I don’t understand why parents seem to think that celebrities/entertainers are good role models in the first place, seriously, no.

  • Mike L.

    @Mike L.: Why can’t the parents bring in more adults around their kids that they may emulate and take up as role models, like dad’s friend who went to college to be a doctor, or mom’s friend who is a firefighter/police officer what have you. Parents nowadays seem to just wanna dump their kids infront of a tv so they don’t have to deal w them and expect them to turn out ok.

  • Mike L.

    Also that’s why there are blockers, block anything non pg or pg13 from all the tv’s except the parent’s bedroom.

    Check their kid’s online history and try to use blockers in there.

    Block gossip sites that would end up having stuff about their fav celeb, chatting sites other than the one she is authorized in (the child’s parents can get in contact w her friend’s other parents and all together block all chatting sites but the one they want), anything with certain words too. Little kids should focus on real friends and their school and some fun, but not unlimited internet access.

    Gosh I’m gonna be a somewhat strict parent lol.

  • J

    Whatever. Not a big deal. Bigger things to worry about Miley’s kind of trash anyway. NEXT ORDER OF BUSINESS


    Sounds like someone needs to learn they are not 16 anymore.

    And someone else needs to learn they aren’t 21 yet.

    Btw, how is it that no one ever questions all of these underage stars out at clubs and in bars?

    Jes sayin’.

  • afrolito

    Whether he’s gay or not, it looks really creepy.

  • jason

    Being gay shouldn’t give you the excuse to act sleazy. However, some gay men DO use it as an excuse to act sleazy. This is due to the fact that many gay men have consfused gay liberation with sleaze. It’s a common affliction of gay men.

    My view is that the whole gay scene is just an excuse to act sleazy. It’s a scene built on a sex act. Marketing of sleaze is rife.

    We’ve definitely taken a wrong turn as a community. We need to re-assess ourselves, get rid of the sleaze, and get rid of the marketing forces who are making money out of it.

  • Jacob

    I think dancing with a guy that old (gay or straight) is wrong in my eyes :/

    But Miley Cryrus dancing like that :/ I do not see what is wrong with that because that’s how me and my friends dance on the dance floor. Leave our generation alone and quit nit picking on minor things like the way Miley dances jeez :/

  • Hilarious

    Miley Cyrus is not the one who’s wrong in that video, it’s the grown ass man old enough to be her father.

    He shouldn’t even be near a 16 year old in a social setting. Aren’t their any people there who are legal? If not maybe he should find a place where everyone is at least of age.

    Gay or straight no grown man should be grinding on a minor.


    Miley Cyrus is actually turning 18 this year. I can’t get too worked up about a seventeen year old girl dancing suggestively with an older man; tacky as it may be. Truth be told, she could be having an affair with him and he’d get into no legal trouble. She’s practically grown.

  • nikko

    JASON, I so agree. The gay movement seems to embrace any form of sleaze straight/gay. Sorry, it’s wrong and disgusting. Whatever happened to living lives that are noble and good?

  • nikko

    I just saw it again. Yuck, it’s creepy and innappropriate.

  • Evan

    I don’t see a problem here. What’s the problem supposed to be? They’re just dancing, having a good time, and Miley obviously sees this guy as someone ‘safe’ who she can dance provocatively with without giving him the wrong impression. This is what young girls do with their gay friends and/or girl friends.

    I mean…yeah, usually young girls have gay friends closer to their own age. But she’s been moving in adult circles for a couple years now, and she has an adult friend. Big deal.

  • TheAwfulTruth

    @Evan: If he were straight, THEN you would find it creepy, no? No man, no pass here for the old dude.

  • ashley

    miley is a whore! in her video cant be tamed

  • alan brickman

    cut him some slack….Miley got the joke..why can’t you??…

  • max

    oh for crying out loud she’s dancing with a GAY man. it’s like girl is dancing with her AUNTie, so what’s the problem?

  • nikko

    It’s lewd and inappropriate, that’s why. Being gay doesn’t give us a pass on treating women like sleaze bags. Some modesty and respect is sexy.

  • mikey

    would this be news if it were a 40 year old woman doing that with a 16 year old guy. What with Kim K and Justin Bieber, and all those photo shoots!

  • prohomo

    @mikey: Maybe not, but it should be. Sexism is a two-way street. And wrong.

  • agnosticfront

    i’d definitely dog miley lmao


    Adam Shankman will get punched next for grinding against Miley Cyrus, although he uses his sexuality as an excuse to be a perve with a teenager.This world is f’d up, using everything as an excuse. Sounds like one doesn’t wanna take responsible for their actions. Let’s all save the gays but bully others like Perez Hilton does.


    Adam Shankman will get punched next for grinding against Miley Cyrus, although he uses his sexuality as an excuse to be a perve with a teenager.This world is f’d up, using everything as an excuse. Sounds like one doesn’t wanna take responsible for their actions. Let’s all save the gays but bully others like Perez Hilton does. I guess he cant help it because he was BORN THAT WAY.

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