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  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Are there real guys or just Hustlers?

  • REBELComx

    I’m not impressed by the new Manhunt format at all. The various menu blocks take up too much space on the screen, even on a high rez setting, and the search function doesn’t really work properly if you go by distance from a certain area. All the different options appear scattered, whereas they were all organized in a nice column before.

  • Fitz

    I am so bored with that aesthetic of gun-metal grey and cobolt blue lighting. Why do so many gay men find this stark operating room / machine shop look appealing? Is it a reflection of their internal worlds, their lack of capacity for comfort?

  • Frank

    They turn the entire website into a piece of crap, the graphic design is hideous and the website doesn’t work. I can’t read my messages, can’t contact anybody, can’t get in touch with customer service, I paid for an entire week and have been able to use it only two days, which basically means I have been ripped off by Manhut…next time I need to hook up online will go somewhere else. I wonder if others users will get their access extended for the same period of time that the new website has been unable to function at all…..

  • alex

    You would think that Queerty would avoid criticizing the design of other websites. After all, there are still visitors here (myself included) that HATE the Queerty design.

  • scott ny'er

    @alex: LOL. So true. I NEVER go to the home page. I just HATE IT!!!

  • joe

    The new Manhunt sucks. I hate the new design. i’ve been waiting for 2 days for them to approve my profile. Customer service has not returned my emails in days. and they keep pushing me to purchase a full membership……Yeah Right!
    “Its back to the bars Girls!”

  • Jon

    IT SUCKS! Period. It’s just horrible, one of the worst designs I’ve seen. Boxes are too big, I could not find the bit where you see who’s been lookin at ya… They definately needed a redesign but did they have to hire a drunk blind guy to do it?

  • Kevin

    The new interface sucks. It’s so bad that I think it will drive many users who didn’t like how much time they spent on manhunt (but kept doing it because it’s addictive) to stop using it, because so many things about it are clunkier and slower than before. Manhunt is too big a site to get a “pass” for such a bad new interface, their development team should all be fired and go back to the old interface until they come up with something better. Has anyone noticed how many fewer people are logged on now when they log on??

  • MANHUNTtim

    Hey guys, we appreciate all the feedback – good and bad – and you can expect some improvements over the coming weeks and months as we continue to incorporate your suggestions into the design.

    As for the Customer Service delays, all profile changes still have to be manually approved + we’re running a bit behind. If you’ve been waiting on approval, email your screen name to me at [email protected] and I’ll look into it.

    You can also follow me on Twitter for regular updates on how we’re addressing many of the concerns stated here:

  • Burl

    I hate MANHUNT. I discovered that they were charging me monthly for a year without EVER giving me notification. Thief’s, robbers whores!

  • Mike

    While the format is not initially enjoyable, I figure I will get used to it (think adam4adam’s change). However, the constant crashes, frequent error messages and general disorganization of the site is a bit unsettling. Come on manhunt! This isn’t the early 90’s… Upgrades should not be this poorly implemented.

    If you hope to keep customers from leaving for good (myself included) I suggest you offer extensions on membership expiration. And honestly, explain what the problem is with all the freezing beyond your rather general blanket message.

  • Paul

    A complete disaster. Have not been able to log on in Australia for about a week. It freezes at the log in page. What a fiasco.

  • David

    Mobile manhunt is dead. The instant message feature does not work for me anymore, I just get errors. Lots of other weird things. Can’t find the track list, things I will hopefully get used to and figure out while they hopefully fix all their bugs.

  • Dave

    I hate the new manhunt. I don’t care about the colors and all that sh*t. But I just hate the way it’s organized. It used to be so user-friendly, now it’s a p-i-t-a trying to find any of the features that were on the old site. I’m really not sure what it is, maybe the fonts, maybe the weird structure. It used to be so simple: one column on the left for navigation, and the middle for data + the popups. Clean, simple, great. Now it sucks.

    So I’m ready to move on. Which other site is good?

  • James

    I would suggest if you’re into that scene. I’m sure there will be 20 new comments in the next 24 hours slamming me for recommending a BAREBACK site, but whatever. We all make our own choices.

  • zak

    the new manhunt sucks. check out the lower numbers of guys logged on when (if) you go on.
    they royally fucked up this site.
    no renewal for me.
    i’m out.

  • Zadie

    I too would suggest if you’re into that multiple-strains-of-SuperAIDS scene.

  • disgusted

    Manhunt CORPERATION is turning into more of a meat market GREEEED machine by the day, encouraging men to objectify each other & pay manhunt $$$$$

    I dared complain about their negative marketing schemes pressuring people into giving their credit card #, by punishing trial users by denying them access to their email or pretty much anything else

    and they changed my profile to one word and locked me out of it:


    very mature, very professional!

    –by the way, an in the closet, isolated, displaced community doing secret hook ups is very lucrative for manhunt; rather than a socially healthy EXISTANT gay community

    dont support these corperate vampires

  • Republican


    Spellcheck is your friend.

  • disgusted

    at least I have a point, fuck head

  • libertarian

    hooray for you republican,

    who is your friend?? your pettiness reveals you as a troll and nothing more.

    spelling? your hero, George bush, can’t even speak!

    But Sara palin can see Russia from her house! lmao

    YOU LOST, your hero chimp Georgie fucked it all up, and your house is now worth $2

    sour grapes from a has-been troll who belongs to a has-been party

  • BJ

    Manhunt used to be the best site around – now it’s the worst and greediest site by a long shot. The ‘improvements’ really are worse than hopeless.

    They have limited the emails allowed to 10 a day but, here we are at the next day and….hmmm….no emails….

    Interestingly, everything else is also locked (I’m guessing until my emails come back) even though I know that I am not up to my limit on profile reads and the like.

    I am already aware of a couple of friends who have given up on it.

    Still, I guess they’re still bringing in the money and losing a few ppl here and there is of no consequence to them.

  • HaHa

    I think Methhunt’s core customer base will get used to it!

  • metal head

    manhnt keep deleting my profile all because I say ‘I’m not a member and cant see your unlocked privatepics’ . Well I’m not a member so why cant I say that?? Of course you ask the service guys and they just ignore my question and never answer. What a totally fuckd up site

  • Rick

    I see they keep doing things to try to get the hemorrhaging members back, and it isn’t working….every site has it’s time and Manhunts is over, check out

  • Mr.Obote

    whats wrong with gay that they cant meet people face to face? come to my church!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Is it true that it’s nicknamed “Serial Killer Central?”

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